11 Reasons Why Your Website Isn't Working

11 Reasons Why Your Website Isn't Selling (As Effectively As It Could Be)

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman - not the attitude of the prospect.
W. Clement Stone

Less than 10 Seconds To Impress

Recent studies have revealed that a visitor to your website will decide within the first ten seconds if they want to stay around or not.

  • If people find something of interest, they will increase the time on your website.

In a world where seconds count for everything, you have to make the most of your website so your visitors are staying longer.

Avoid these 11 problems on your website and you have a better chance of increasing traffic and engaging visitors.

1. Visuals of Low Quality

The content on your website may be written well, but if the visuals are low quality, visitors will not stay for long. A high quality image attracts attention and gives the appearance of authority and professionalism. 

2. Zero Testimonials and Reviews

If you have no testimonials or reviews on your website you are missing out on a key opportunity to gain customer trust. Telling your customers a product is exceptional means nothing, they want to hear it from an impartial third party source first. 

3. Poor Choice of Colours

The colour scheme of your website can definitely have a key impact on traffic and sales. If your color scheme is too loud or distracting, your business may appear to be less than professional. Too boring and dull, you lose interest from visitors. You have to find that happy medium to keep sales coming in.

4. Information That is Outdated

Nothing loses customer interest more than seeing information on your website that is dated. If the copyright information at the bottom of your page says 2007, it might be time to look over your website for areas that need updating. New and fresh content can have a big impact on the visitors to your website.

5. Making Items Hard to Find

How can you sell anything if the potential customer can not find it? The links on your home page need to get people to the items they are looking for quickly. The longer it takes them to find items, the better chance they go to your competitors.

6. Not Mobile Friendly

Now might be the time to open your website on your smartphone and see how easy your buying experience is. If you cannot navigate the site easily, chances are the growing population of buyers who shop with their phone cannot either.

7. Contact Information Hidden

When a potential customer arrives on your website, they like to know they can reach the website owner quickly with questions or concerns. You may be familiar with the feeling of when you shop in a retail store - and all the sales associates seemed to have vanished. Live chat, contact info on home page, and your telephone number clearly visible - are all valuable ways to increase buyer confidence.

8. Focus on the Customer

There should be sections of your website dedicated to answering the needs of your buyers. A FAQ page is the perfect way to let the visitor feel their concerns are addressed, without them having to search around for information. If the information they need is readily available, they will feel like a valued customer.

9. Sign-Up Information

If a customer must sign-up at your website before they can purchase anything, you are placing an unnecessary hurdle in the way of sales. Most people already associate these tactics with the arrival of spam mailing in the future. 

10. The Autoplay Feature

If a customer arrives on your page and is met by videos or audio that plays the instant the page opens, they will more than likely hit the back button and disappear forever. Turn off the autoplay and give the customer the choice to turn it on if they really want that information.

11. Incredibly Slow Load Times

Digital technology has made it possible for customers to get the information they need instantly. If they arrive at your website and have to wait for the pages to load, they will grow impatient very quickly. Don't expect a visitor to wait longer than a few seconds or they will leave your website. If you can find ways to lessen the load and quicken up the speed on the site, you have a better chance of keeping customers on your website.


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