Top 9 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Web Designer

by Saul Edmonds

9 Key Questions to Ask before Hiring a Web Designer

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Choose Your Web Designer Wisely

Get to know more about your website designer's skill set before you engage their services.

The specific skills of a web designer varies from designer to designer. Some web designers do everything - from website design, website development, online marketing, search engine optimisation, and daily maintenance. Others specialise in one area only.

Before you trust just any web designer with your website, it is important that you ask them the right questions.

Here are the top 10 questions you should be asking each potential web designer to ensure you hire the right one.

1. Can I see some examples of your work?

This question should always be at the top of your list. Each web designer is like an artist, and not everyone is fond of the work of certain artists. If the web design is not something that matches your expectations, consider looking for another web designer.

2. Can I have a small list of your past and current clients?

Any prospective web designer should have a nice list of clients they have done work for. After you get this list, take the time to investigate how effective the websites are running. If you can reach out and speak to clients who have worked directly with this web designer, you can get a better feel for how they work. Being able to find out how timely work was completed and how good the web designer was at following a plan can go a long way in making a more educated decision.

3. Which website do you like the best?

The answer to this question can tell you quite a lot about what the web designer values and what they consider the most important aspects of the design.

4. Which technologies will you employ on my website?

This is a very important question to ask a web designer because they should be very knowledgeable with all the modern technologies available. When different functions are being incorporated on your website, you want to know the technologies used to acquire the desired result. Is the web designer using a high end coding tool or making that code from scratch where more errors are likely? If you are not too tech savvy, your web designer should be able to speak in more general terms to allow you the chance to understand the entire process.

5. How is my website going to be optimised for search engines?

While the answer to this question does reveal quite a bit about where your website will be in the organic searches when completed, take the time to look up your web designer website online too. If they are on the first page for popular keywords, chances are they are doing exactly what they say they will do for your website.

6. Can you integrate special features in my website?

Having a static website is not effective any longer, consumers are much used to visiting websites that have social media feeds, videos, banner ads, and high quality images. There should be a sign up box, blog, comment section, all the bells and whistles you expect in a high quality website. The visitor to your website should be able to share that content easily with social media buttons or you might as well be invisible online.

7. How will you address security issues on my website?

Technology today makes it very easy for someone to hack into the back door of a website and destroy months or years of hard work. The security metrics on your website have to be able to protect all your information from any hacker, trojans, or worms. Find out how often the site is backed up, and where will a copy be stored in the event of a crash. 

8. Will I own the website?

Just because you think you own the website after the work is completed, you might be surprised the web designer could hold the copyright. Make certain that it is clearly explained in a contract that you own all the rights or you could be paying a very costly price down the road.

9. What are your terms and fees?

You simply must establish the payment structure now, or every chance to the website could be costing you money. You have to find out if they are paid by the hour or do they insist on a monthly retainer. Make certain there are no overtime charges, which can be very costly. If the web designer works on the weekends or holidays, they could be charging a higher rate.

All these things you need to see on paper before making any decision.

Good luck with finding the right web designer for your business!


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