Top Business Gift Ideas for Clients and Colleagues

Perfect Christmas Gift Suggestions for Your Customers, Clients and Co-Workers

When you give up yourself, that's when you will feel the true spirit of Christmas. And that's giving that's serving others and that's when you feel fulfilled.
Joel Osteen

Give to Receive

The holiday season provides your company a very unique opportunity to strengthen relationships that you have with your valued clients.

One of the reasons it is important to give these clients a holiday gift is that it helps to keep the name of your company fresh in their mind.

These holiday gifts do not need to be expensive, it really is the thought that counts this time of year.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, avoid giving the traditional holiday executive gifts like gourmet gift baskets, and try a few of these creative ideas so your clients remember you and your gift much longer.

Make it Personal

Try to get an idea of the hobbies or things that your client likes to do when they are away from work.

Theme the gift around this idea and then take it to be engraved with their name on it. This really shows the client that you put some thought behind the gift. If they happen to be a fan of golf, purchase personalised golf tees or have a golf shirt embroidered with their name over the pocket. If you opt for gift cards, be sure to put a personal note in the greeting card with the gift card so it stands out more.

Gifting the Experience

While giving your client a holiday gift is a great idea, try giving them something that they can enjoy with their family or close friends.

Giving tickets to the opera, ballet, or local sporting events, the perfect way to let the client relax during the busy holiday season with people they love. They will definitely remember your generous gift each time they are reminded of the great time they had that day.

The Donation to Charity

What do you give the client who has just about everything? You make a donation to yours or their favourite charity on their behalf.

Once you make the donation, send the client a handwritten letter with details about the donation. When you take the time to give in this way, your client will immediately connect and respect you for doing something so generous. They may even place your thank you card in a prominent place in their office, reminding them every day of the kind gift you sent them.

The Useful Gift

While many holiday gifts last for a few days, nothing will get your point across more than a gift your client can actually use throughout the entire new year.

An executive pen, business card holder, or personalised stationary, all gifts that are both useful and long lasting. They will be reminded of you and your company each time they use the item.

The Group Holiday Gift

If you happen to work very closely with more than one person at that organization, buy a holiday gift for the group.

A large gift basket with a huge variety of items will be much more economical than buying a dozen individual smaller gifts.

The Handwritten Note

Just remember that the note that you write and insert into the gift is often more important than the gift itself.

This little message in your own writing will show your client that you took the time to do something nice for them this holiday season. That small amount of time it took to write the letter will not go unnoticed.

Be Sure to Send the Gift Early

The week of Christmas is the worst for the Post Office. make sure your gift arrives a few weeks before Christmas so they aren't opening it on New Year's Day instead.

By sending it early, you avoid the chance of it getting lost and you do not have to pay any additional shipping to ensure it gets there before the holiday. Remember, don't send too early or you lose the effect of the gift.


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