8 Creative Ways To Make Your Marketing Message to Stand Out

8 Ways to Market Smarter and Stand Out From Your Competitors

Quote: Marketing is a contest for people's attention.
Seth Godin

How to Stand Apart From Your Competitors

One of the ways to separate yourself from the competition is to simply improve upon your marketing message.

When your message is more clear, you create more brand believers and you gain more fans.

The challenge for many business owners is finding that right balance and getting the message to the appropriate people in a world of marketing overload.

Lift your marketing message by including some of these essentials in your next brainstorming session.

1. Start focusing on solutions.

Your customer wants a solution to their unique problem. When you can find demand for your services, you have won half the battle. Tell your audience that your company solves problems and offers unique solutions, your message will get noticed and your sales will improve.

2. Be sure to market to your target audience.

If you are not targeting a specific audience, your marketing messages are simply wasted. This type of marketing is better known as junk mail because it lacks interest and is not efficient at all. The best way to reach an audience is to find something they are genuinely interested in. Targeted marketing is essential.

3. Subtitles and headlines work.

The titles and subtitles in your messages need to be short, creative, and thought-provoking. Your message has to really peak the curiosity of the reader, then compel them to want to read more. Don't use catchy titles that are not related to the message.

4. The message must be crystal clear.

Although brilliant design does command the attention, it must compliment the message you are working to communicate. Focus on information rather than entertainment. The message that reaches your readers should be so interesting that the reader wants to go further and learn more information about your product or service.

5. Extreme marketing messages do work.

If you talk about mistakes, the negative, or the opposite of your message, it grabs attention. People are keen to understand exactly what makes things go wrong. They can then use that information to do the opposite and genuinely succeed.

6. The unique marketing hook.

Offer an incentive to provide additional relevant information for free. Offer free ebooks and downloads  where customers simply enter their email address or telephone number. This opens the door for further communication and will definitely increase your response rates.

7. Making use of unique sizes, shapes, and items.

It seems like every marketing message that is sent either in the mail or email looks exactly the same. Try and stand out from the crowd by mixing things up a little bit in your campaign. Choose creatively shaped marketing materials, use call to action buttons that are brightly colored instead of links or use large, innovative fonts and typography. These are all different from what the average marketing company is doing today. 

8. Inspire Your Customers To Share Their Experience

In order to tell the world that one of your services or products are rated number one with customers - you have to first get them to rate it.

If you have a product or service that customers are talking about on social media, use that in your marketing messages. The buying public want to see that the rest of the world have used and have rated your services before. Testimonials can also be used to effect in this way.


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