Why an Engaging Content Strategy is Essential for SEO

by Saul Edmonds
Engaging Content Strategy

Engaging Content and Search Engine Results

“Content, in order to connect, has to be really powerful.”
– Stacie Bright, Unilever

Google Rewards Engaging Content

The latest algorithm updates to the search engines means that - it is more important than ever to implement an effective content strategy - if you want to remain competitive online.

When you create compelling content on your website, you tell the search engines - as well as visitors - that your business is actively providing up to date information for your industry, your peers and your customers.

An engaging content strategy will ensure that your website ranking gets a boost - thus increasing search engine referral traffic.

Quality content provides a cost effective marketing solution that delivers real results long term.

Google is constantly updating, improving and modifying their search algorithm.

The latest algorithm changes make it clear that Google is placing much more relevance on longer content, correct grammar, and outbound links to other quality websites.

Quality Content Boosts ROI

A content strategy is a surprisingly affordable marketing option that delivers measurable results.

Blogging Benefits

Creating a blog for your company is one of the easiest ways to generate fresh, highly relevant content for your website.

Blog posts can consist of articles, photos, videos, testimonials and product information. Your blog is a great way to keep your customers and prospects informed, share more about the personal side of your company and offer greater information about the range of products or services that you provide.

Blogging is also a great way to establish your brand and talk about the things that are important to you and your business. Remember that branding is all about ‘telling your story’.

You will find that your website gets a fresh surge of targeted traffic each time new content appears.

Blog content doesn't always have to be product or service related, simple posts about news in your industry will also engage readers and inspire them to return to your website and learn more.

Another way to use content to promote your business is to do a guest post - featured on an external blog or publication.

Posting an engaging and relevant article to a high ranking blog will not only send you new traffic, it will tell the Google search engines to place more importance on your website overall. Guest posts build high quality links to your website, and give the search engines more reasons to improve your ranking.

In addition, your brand awareness will skyrocket - as quality posts will be seen by authorities within your industry.

Grow Your Audience

Get creative with your content strategy and your website will benefit long term.

Consider video blogs and podcasts as an alternative way to promote your company information and grow traffic. Place short videos on Vine, Google+ or Instagram. Additional traffic from high ranking social sites will improve your SEO and show the search engines that your content is relevant and targeted.

Content strategy does take ongoing commitment to ensure success. Many business owners simply do not have the time to implement a consistent, content rich strategy. If this is you, why not consider hiring a specialist to help? 

Whether you hire someone to assist or decide to implement your strategy on your own, you can expect that your website will significantly benefit across a number of areas.

Go get blogging, today!

Is your content strategy working for your business?

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by Saul Edmonds