Why Catalogue Marketing Works

Grow Your Business with Catalogue Marketing

Despite the increase of digital marketing, catalogues continue to deliver results for business. Catalogue Marketing is effective, reliable and provides a consistent ROI.

Catalogues remain a consistent performer and are trusted to reliably boost sales. They are an effective element of a total marketing mix and encourage customer engagement and boost conversions. Catalogues are a flexible advertising medium that are useful for multiple purposes including sales promotions, education, products and price details.

Catalogues assist customers to make informed purchase decisions.

Catalogue Marketing is Popular

Catalogues are welcomed by customers and prospects.

Catalogue marketing continues to grow and comprises around 60% of the total spend on print advertising Australia wide. Retailers report that up to one third of their total sales volume is achieved via catalogue marketing campaigns. It is reported that 8 out of 10 buyers have converted as a result of viewing a catalogue.

Catalogues offer the highest ROI of any print marketing product. Research available at www.catalogue.asn.au indicates that catalogue marketing offers value for money and is highly popular with target groups. Well branded catalogues are a trusted source of information and have a surprisingly long 'shelf life' as customers retain them for further reference.

Use catalogues to drive sales in store, direct customers to your website or inspire action with deals and special offers. 

Catalogues for Marketing Offline

Printed catalogues are an ideal way to reach prospects when they are offline. The best marketing mix consists of both online and offline activities. Offline marketing is a key way to gain the attention of customers when they are away from computers and tablets. Amazon and US retailer Zappos invest heavily each year in printed catalogue campaigns. 

Catalogues work best when co-ordinated with online strategies. Printed catalogues work well to drive traffic to websites and associated social platforms. Online and electronic campaigns gain additional traction with customers when actively supported by traditional marketing methods.

Catalogue Marketing Boosts Sales

Use catalogues to cut through the clutter. Speak directly to your target audience with a well branded catalogue full of relevant information. New media has not replaced traditional marketing. Print marketing continues to provide a genuine point of contact between companies and their audiences. 

Catalogues are the most popular marketing tool for good reason. They are affordable, branded, popular with a high ROI. Studies show that catalogue marketing produces a reliable and measurable sales spike.

Catalogues remain an effective vehicle to deliver detailed price and product information to clients that is popular, user friendly and affordable.

Include catalogue marketing in your next campaign.

 The Australian Catalogue Association

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