Brand Marketing : 6 Top Tips to Boost your Brand Online

by Saul Edmonds
Brand Marketing - 6 Top Tips to Boost your Brand Online

Brand Marketing Online 

"A Brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It's the sum of all the experiences you have with a company." – Amir Kassaei

Brand marketing is a simple statement.

It involves two elements : branding and marketing.

  • Branding is the means by which your brand is known and promoted. 
  • Marketing is the sum of strategies and tactics by which your message is broadcast.

Brand marketing online is a challenge. With over two billion internet users worldwide, marketers need to find ways to 'cut through the clutter' and make their brands shine in a crowded marketplace.

Brand Marketing Begins with a Great Brand

The process of brand marketing is made easier when it begin with a quality brand design. Ensure your brand design is memorable, relevant to your target audience and highly aligned to your company values. A strong brand will create interest in your company, boost website visitors and enhance conversions. Your brand design will effectively position your company within your industry group and should inspire trust and motivate action.

Brand Marketing for Best Results

There are many ways of marketing your brand online. Here are our best 6 tips to get a positive result.

Tip 1. Discover Your Target Market

Your target audience is the niche group of people who are most likely to engage with your brand. Defining your target audience is a key element of your marketing strategy. A well defined target is always easier to 'hit'. Reach out to your prospects - become familiar with their types of communities, geographic scale and locality online.

Tip 2. Create Quality Branded Content

Deliver quality content for your brand with a company blog. Publish branded content regularly and provide well written information your audience is interested in. This content can be article based, video based (such as a testimonial or product demonstration video) or image based (an infographic for example). Make sure your content is current, relevant to your prospects and consistently 'on brand'. Quality content will improve seo organically (which is the best way), increase traffic to your website and generate inquiries and sales.

Tip 3. Promote Your Content Daily

View your company blog as your 'brand channel'. Like a TV or radio station, broadcast your brand consistently (on a daily basis if possible) with useful and relevant content. Despite the vast extent of the internet, genuinely good content published daily is still a rarity. Offer value when marketing your brand and extending your reach. It is often said that brand marketing is not a sprint - it is a marathon. The best results come from targeted efforts maintained regularly.

Tip 4. Integrate Social Media and SEO

When you have created quality, branded content you need to ensure that your target audience engages with it. Leverage social media to increase brand marketing effectiveness. Share your content with your twitter followers, post links to your posts on your facebook and google+ profiles. Social signals are closely correlated with SEO rankings following Google algorithm updates last year. Likes, comments, retweets and shares will increase your readership and boost SEO simultaneously.

Tip 5. Quality before Quantity

Maintain your brand reputation with valuable content. In the race to develop content ensure that quality standards are met and that your brand is well represented. Invest time and build quality before quantity. High quality brand driven content will bring consistent rewards over the long term.

Tip 6. Provide Relevant Information (Don't Sell)

Always market your brand with the intention to inform rather than sell. A genuine desire to help and support the success of others will assist your marketing efforts. Build your brand marketing within the context of providing relevant and targeted information.

At the centre of any brand marketing strategy remains the brand itself. Developing your brand and marketing it is a key promotional activity. Take the time to know your target audience and find innovative ways to reach them online. Monitor your progress with web analytics. Do this, and you will be on your way with an effective brand marketing campaign.

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