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by Saul Edmonds

Lead Generation Online

Is your website designed to boost your sales?

 lead generation

Successful lead generation requires a complete online strategy.

This strategy begins with a plan for attracting highly targeted traffic to your website. A business website should be designed to achieve high levels of conversions; the conversion of a website visitor into a genuine buyer.

This conversion process is referred to as lead generation.

The strategic goals of professional web design include:

1. To drive significant targeted traffic

2. To promote visitor engagement

3. To generate highly qualified leads online

4. To build business profits and streamline the process

A common goal for increased lead generation is to provide a free offer in exchange for visitor contact information. A free offer typically consists of a complementary trial, download or ebook.

The visitor is then added to an email marketing list and will receive weekly or monthly updates on products and services. Capturing this data is a proven method for increasing lead generation and referrals from your website.

Read our guide below to increase sales from your website.

Know Your Customer

A clear understanding of your prospect is essential when implementing a lead generation campaign.

This information includes:

- who is your ideal buyer?

- what ‘problems’ do they experience?

- what ‘solutions’ do your products or services provide?

- what type of messages do they respond to?

- how will you target them online?

A detailed profile of your prospect will assist in the development of a targeted action plan.

Identify where your potential customers are online and how best to attract their attention. 

A combination of SEO and social media is highly recommended. Paid advertising is an additional option.

High quality leads require highly targeted messages.

Web Design for Lead Conversion

A website should be designed to encourage visitor engagement.

As stated, a proven method to achieve this is by way of a ‘free offer’, where information or service is provided at no cost in exchange for visitor contact details.

The prospect may then be marketed to on an ongoing basis.

There are numerous advantages to the collection of email data from prospects. Foremost is that most buying decisions take time. Email marketing enables the establishment of a relationship with your prospect while building trust with your brand. When the time comes to buy, your brand is well known to them.

A Genuine, Quality Offer

Visitors require quality products and services. Even a ‘free offer’ must provide genuine value. 

Some ideas for your ‘free offer’:

- a customised report

- access to training videos or information

- a free ebook or ebook series download

- a posted sample (to arrive by mail)

The goal is to convince a visitor to become a customer, and the offer should always be of the highest quality possible. Consider this an investment in your business promotion strategy.  

Lead generation is a process of constant improvement.

 Observe what your competitors offer and think differently. Consider, what would be popular with your target audience? Feature your offer prominently throughout your website. A ‘free offer’ still needs to be tested and reviewed. Over time, experiment with alternative offers and see what works best.

Ongoing testing and review will always yield the best return.

Roundhouse Creative is a full service creative agency. We are the lead generation specialists. Every web design is highly targeted to its relevant market. We aim for the highest levels of visitor conversion.

To learn more about lead generation and how it can boost your profitability online, talk to us. We can help.

Article by : Saul Edmonds

Saul Edmonds is the Creative Director of Roundhouse. He has over 20 years experience in web design, brand development and graphic design. Contact Saul to discuss your next project. 

by Saul Edmonds