17 Most Popular Small Business Hashtags

by Saul Edmonds
 hashtags for business

Hashtags for Small Business

Following on from our previous post "3 Ways to Boost your Social Media Marketing with Hashtags", we thought it would be useful to provide a list of popular hashtags used throughout the small business community.

Hashtags are a valuable tool to promote your brand, join conversation and organise your messages.

Previously restricted to use only on Twitter, hashtags are used widely throughout other platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Many users follow specific hashtags, so it makes sense to incorporate them into your social strategy. 

For Small Businesses try following these hashtags.

Promote your brand further with these popular hashtags.

1. #smallbiz, #smallbusiness

For conversations about small business and related resources.

2. #business

Business related conversations and resources.

3. #sales

Sales advice and support.

4. #innovation

Innovators in a variety of industries are following this hashtag.

5. #socbiz, #socialbiz, #socialbusiness

For conversations about social business, the social economy and new media.

6. #ecommerce

A niche for online stores and online trading.

7. #management

Management advice, resources and support.

8. #tech, #IT

Technology updates.

9. #mobile

For all things mobile including tablets and smartphones.

10. #apps

A great way to discover and share regarding new apps.

11. #marketing, #mktg

Marketing news and resources.

12. #networking

For business networking.

13. #consumers

A hashtag tracking conversations geared toward business owners looking to connect with consumers. Also includes statistics on buying behaviour.

14. #economy

Local and international economic news.

15. #entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and new business information and advice.

16. #socialmedia

The world of social media.

17. #startups

Startup news, information and advice for emerging companies.

Are you using hashtags in your social messages? What hashtags work for you and your business?

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by Saul Edmonds