10 Tips for Better Postcard Design

Essential Postcard Design Tips

All great postcards have three things in common. They are visually appealing, memorable and go straight 'to the point'. 

Postcards are a fantastic way to reach out to your target market and get an immediate response.

Get more attention with postcards, today!

Your postcard design will be determined by the purpose of the postcard. Is it for sales, new leads, event or a product launch? Each outcome will require a custom solution. The postcard must communicate directly to your audience, motivate action and generate a positive ROI.

Read on for our top 10 postcard design tips and ensure you get the most from your next postcard.

1. Review the essential quality of your postcard

Is the type of card used for printing suitable? Is it a heavy weight, high quality, durable card? Is it well finished with gloss or matt? Is the printing quality consistently high? These are important questions - as the postcard must retain appeal upon close inspection.

2. Colour Creates Visual Interest

Ensure colour is used carefully and intelligently throughout your postcard design. The design should represent your key brand elements clearly - including corporate colours, logo and web design layout. A consistent message throughout all of your marketing materials is important.

3. Include Photos where Relevant

If appropriate for your message, display your goods or store front on your postcards. Photos work to help people establish a real relationship with you and your products or service.

4. Display your logo prominently

Your logo is central to your brand identity. Ensure it is well placed to gain attention from prospects and customers.

5. Keep it Simple and Direct

It is important to minimise postcard text to just the essentials. Don't clutter your postcard with lots of extra detail. Keep copy to a minimum - recipients should be motivated to contact you for additional information. Keep in mind classic eye-catching phrases such as "Free" or "Sale" or "50% Off". Limit font styles to maintain easy reading.

6. A Clean Composition works Best

A simple message will be easier to communicate effectively. Avoid visual clutter. Ensure the visual tone of your postcard is well matched to your target audience. An example of this would be when targeting business to business clients. Consider using more conservative language, colour and layout in this instance. 

A well designed postcard is visually balanced, attracts attention and is easy to read.

7. Stand out from the Crowd

Get the attention you deserve.

Why not include some non-standard elements in your postcard design such as die-cuts, rounded corners or other specialty print finishes? Ask your graphic designer for some innovative print ideas and card stock alternatives.

Custom printing options are often surprisingly affordable and can really assist your postcard to stand out big. Why not make the back as eye catching as the front - and grab the attention of your viewing audience from both sides of your postcard? Consider the advantages of trying something a little different from your competitors.

8. Postcard design tips for mailing

Advise your graphic designer to retain a clear space for mailing and postmarking. Strive to maintain maximum visual impact while accommodating mail elements. 

9. Postcard card and texture options

Always choose a high quality, heavy stock for postcards. Gloss finishing options are great for postcards that feature photographic details. Matte finishes work well with typographic design elements. Ask your designer for samples of postcard stocks for comparison.

10. Carefully proof read

Ensure all postcard details are correct. Always include your phone, web address, email, twitter and Facebook profiles. Take extra care to review your postcard design details carefully before it goes to print. 

Follow these 10 tips and your next marketing postcard will be a real success!

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