3 Ways to Boost your Social Media Marketing with Hashtags

by Saul Edmonds

What are #hashtags and why you should use them?

Hashtags have been in use for some years. 

Hashtags first came to prominence on Twitter. They are now used throughout the social media landscape, and are particularly popular when sharing on Instagram.

Get to Know Hashtags

Make use of hashtags in your social media strategy.

Smarter use of hashtags can increase your business in the competitive online space.

A hashtag is simply a form of shorthand used when communicating about a specific topic. It provides an easily identifiable reference to a precise subject.

A hashtag may consist of a single word or several words combined into one.

For example:
That is the most amazing fact! #SocialMediaFacts
Raining again! #LondonSummer

How to create a #hashtag

Creating a hashtag message is easy.

Just preface your topic with the # symbol. Ensure there are no spaces between words if multiple words apply.

For example: if your are tweeting about a special discount offer at your company, conclude your tweet with #BestOffer (or similar).

Capital letters will not influence search results yet are useful to improve readability.

Top 3 Ways to Boost your Social Media Marketing with Hashtags

1. Research #hashtags used by your competitors.

Hashtags are a great way for brands to gain attention.

View the twitter feed of your competitors or relevant industry groups to view trending topics. Use these hashtags within your social media strategy to increase your exposure and engage in the discussion. This will lead to greater website traffic and raise brand profile.

2. Define the most popular topics for your industry.

Create a list of popular topics for your business. View trending topics on twitter. Note hashtags topics similar to your own. Get involved in the discussion. Utilise your expertise to contribute tips and useful information.

Ensure you end your tweet in the relevant hashtag to gain beneficial exposure.

3. Use #hashtags like SEO.

Use hashtags in a similar way as keywords for SEO.

Consistently promote these hashtags within your social media messages. This will help users to find you when searching plus assist in promoting your brand.

Hashtags are an effective way to increase brand visibility in the social media landscape.

Gain success and boost your profitability with hashtags today.

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by Saul Edmonds