3 Reasons Why You Should Market to iPad Users

by Saul Edmonds

iPads! Who would have thought it?

 market to ipad users

No one saw the rise of the tablet coming. When launched in 2010 - the word on the street was that iPads would never work. Apple had got it wrong. An iPad was just an oversized iPhone anyway.

Fastforward to 2013

iPad sales have exploded and other tablets are fiercely competing for a slice of the action. 

Some figures:

Apple iPad Sales, Statistics and Usage Trends

- Apple has sold 100 million iPads since the device was introduced in early 2010

- Apple iPad accounts for 91% of tablet traffic

- The iPad has around 56% of the tablet market share

3 Key Reasons why you should market to iPad users

1. Around a quarter of all internet users browse with a tablet.

With regard to marketing, business owners should ensure their website is iPad and tablet friendly. With an increasing volume of traffic from iPads and tablets, websites which are not optimised risk losing traffic and reducing profitability.

2. Tablet Users are a demographic with a large disposable income. 

It is reported that 60% of tablet users have incomes above $75,000 per year. This is an important target audience - particularly for retail, advertisers and service providers. Take advantage of this statistic with an iPad compatible site.

3. iPads are frequently used when people have 'down time'. 

Typcial examples of this include use when travelling, waiting, before bed etc. This is a key window when people are likely to research and shop online. Again - great for retail, services and advertisers. An iPad and tablet friendly site is a window of opportunity that should not be missed.

What are some iPad Optimisation Tips?

- Ensure the site can be viewed in portrait and landscape mode.

- Avoid use of Flash

- Use adaptive CSS to ensure site functionality across a variety of tablets (or create a mobile version of your website to meet this requirement)

Advice to Marketers!

Say hello to iPad users with a Mobile friendly site! Don't risk missing an opportunity to reach this important target market.

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by Saul Edmonds