5 Top Design Tips for Social Media Success

Top 5 Social Media Design Tips 

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Use Design to Boost Your Social Media Impact

When it comes to getting your posts noticed on your social media profiles, you really have to be a little creative to grab the attention of your audience.

By creating content that attracts attention, your information is more likely to be shared among their inner circle, helping to spread the word much more easily.

Using branded design as a foundation for your social media campaign - will help you to achieve your goals much more easily and will help to position you as an authority in your niche as well.

Rather than just adding pictures to your posts, there are a few guidelines for creating more professional looking posts.

Here are five simple social media graphic design tips for creating compelling posts.

Tip #1: Design with Contrast

The easiest way to get your design noticed is by adding a little contrast to make it jump off the page. Before you simply post a graphic on your social media wall, consider the colors used and how you can add contrasting colors to help bring it to life. Choose certain colors that always contrast well. If the background of the graphic is white or light color, then consider using a dark font to draw in attention more easily.

Tip #2: The Font Palette

The font style in your graphic design can have a huge impact. If your company already has a font that you use for your brand, make certain to use that same font style in the header of the graphic. The surround it with a more subtle and plain font when adding subtitles. When the header font matches your brand, you help to build familiarity with you and your customers more easily.

Tip #3: The Color Scheme

One of the ways to grab attention and keep your posts consistent with your company is to use colors that are associated with your company logo. If your business uses two colors to help identify your brand, incorporate those colors into your social media graphic designs. Take two or three of the main colors of your brand and either use in the fonts or the border of your images. This will help associate the posts more closely to your business.

Tip #4: Eliminate Floating Images

Never just post an image or design directly to your social media platform without first adding some background or a border to it. A picture without a border simply appears to be floating on your page, and looks just like every other picture being posted by millions of people each day. Take the time to add a contrasting border to add a more professional look to your post.

Tip #5: Keeping it Simple

It can be easy to get carried away when it comes to adding graphics to your posts on social media. With so many colors, fonts, styles, and borders to choose from, adding too much clutter will reduce the impact of your message. Keep it simple and remember that 'less is more' when it comes to graphic design.

Your message will come across more easily if you keep design techniques to a minimum.


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