How to Discover Mobile Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Are There Mobile Opportunities Within Emerging Markets?

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas A. Edison

Think Outside the Box to Find New Opportunity

The smartphone has transformed the global market landscape.

Worldwide smartphone users last year topped the one billion mark. Yes, not one million, that was one billion global users.

That number was expected to double the next year.

The dynamics are changing so fast that if you aren't tapped into that market you are literally letting money slip through your hands each day.

App developers need to stay ahead of the curve and create apps that consumers are aggressively looking to purchase.

Here are some ways your app can penetrate this growing market.

1. Watch your Download Size

Many of the users from foreign countries are paying a fortune to connect.

This means they can not spend a significant amount of time downloading data. These users are relying heavily on free WiFi locations, then the rest are suffering with 2G speeds.

The more complicated your app, the slower the download time.

Consider these people as all potential customers that could really help grow your business. If you are developing a game app, you can not create a high end app and expect these users to jump on board.

Consider developing low end versions for these gamers to get on board early in the process.

2. Low Data Apps

Data usage fees are a huge barrier in many countries worldwide.

Consider that many of third world countries are lucky to have 2G service in their region. With a limited income and high data costs, it makes sense to design your app with these limitations in mind. Aim to ensure that more users to can enjoy your app from countries that are slowly emerging in this market.

3. Deliver a Local Experience

One of the key things you can do in the development phase is to plan to deliver a quality local experience.

Additional steps can be taken at the development stage that allow the user to instantly have music or instructions appear in their native language.

When the app has a more local feel to it, it becomes more appealing to a global audience. This is something many developers are already doing, so take the time to consider how much of the market share you can gain by making small changes like this to your app.

4. Suscription Models

If you consider your app to be premium, consider listing it as a subscription based app.

This has a great effect on your overall sales, increasing the trials and helping to overcome that initial cost of the app for your users.

Users are more willing to spend smaller amounts to get involved and stay connected. The high quality of the app allows recovery on the back end when the user upgrades. 

5. App Discounts and Giveaways

Most developing countries are getting more comfortable with that pay as you go format.

Provide users with a lower subscription fee to enjoy your app.

This promotes downloads of your app. An ensures a regular income for the long term as customers make smaller payments each time it is due. This works very well in counties where  users are accustomed to topping up their accounts to enjoy digital services.

6. Local Carriers Make Sense

Many users have no access to electronic payment types, so they find it very valuable to partner with an app store that offers prepaid capabilities.

It is hard to imagine, yet over 75% of the app revenue in China comes from carrier branded and carrier billing app stores.

The developers of the premium apps understand that recurring revenue through the usage based formula is growing their profits each month.


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