7 Cost Effective Ways to Boost your Small Business Image

7 Inexpensive Steps to a New Image for Your Small Business

You now have to decide what 'image' you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place.
David Ogilvy

Discover simple ways to boost your brand marketing

Whether you have been in business 5 days or 5 years, your business has already made an impression on somebody.

The thing about a business image is that - contrary to popular belief - you can change and update the image or brand of your company from time to time.

Many business owners are rebranding to attract new clients, whether they need a fresh start or have expanded into a additional areas of business.

The thought of a brand makeover might seem challenging, but with a strategically updated brand design, you can change the direction of your company and reach an entirely new audience.

1. Conducting an Image Audit

Before you can take your business in a new direction, you have to already know where you stand with your customers. Take a close look at the branding within your company, looking at it from the eyes of your customers. Look at other brands that have already achieved your goals, and see how your company compares. Looking to attract a younger audience? Look for brands that already connect with that audience and note what attracts that demographic.

2. Going the Mobile Route

If your company was created before smartphones, your website may be lacking when viewed on a mobile device. Update your website to be more mobile friendly and optimise your content for the search engines. Also update the contact information on google maps so mobile users can find you using local search tools. 

3. Rethinking Your Color Scheme

If you created your website theme several years back, maybe it is time to look review your colour choices to see if they seem dated. The idea of capturing your audiences attention with loud colours is not effective anymore. The colours need to part of a professional image that helps the customer feel more confident in buying from you. 

4. Listen to What Your Customers are Saying

The analytics on your website will guide you as to what pages of your website getting the most favourable results. This type of feedback is very important and can help you to improve your content and increase audience engagement. Try to understand how your customers are discovering your website by way of the keywords and search terms. Build pages around the popular keywords to increase traffic from the search engines.

5. Participating in the Community

Offline efforts can also help to grow your brand. Participate in local events, promote your brand and website, and distribute as much information as you can to your local audience. Sponsor charity events or network at the local Chamber of Commerce. These are valuable and cost effective ways to get more attention for your business in a positive way. Your local customers can help escalate your efforts by sharing your information on their social media profiles.

6. Striving for Consistency

While you are expanding your new customer base, make sure that your new efforts are not in any way alienating your current customer base. If you have a significant following, consider making small periodic changes to keep consistency within your brand and image. Once you have updated the new logo, start promoting it as a fresh new image to keep previous customers on board.

7. Taking Drastic Measures

If you have made the decision to cut your losses and start from scratch, forget about consistency and focus on changing everything. Regardless of whether you are recovering from a public relations nightmare or you are not willing to continue heading in the wrong direction, pull up your boot straps and cut all ties and move forward. Maybe your business model is no longer effective because technology has completely wiped out your niche. If you were a popular VHS rental company in the 90's and still hanging on hope that the VHS will recover, consider it a lost cause and get moving the other direction before your boat is completely sunk.

Final Thoughts

Your company will not be the first or the last to have an image makeover. It is the normal process of conducting business in a fast moving and ever changing world. Thousands of business owners like yourself have made the change and are thriving today!


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