Why Better Web Design Means Higher Conversion Rates

Discover How Quality Web Design Increases Your Bottom Line

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Why Better Website Design Leads To More Sales

The single biggest metric used on a website to determine overall success or failure is your conversion rates.

  • The higher the conversion rate, the more sales your company will enjoy.

In order to convert those visitors into loyal customers, you need be working on areas like SEO, relevant content, advertising, social media, and of course your web design.

Focus on web design and you can see those conversion rates take an upturn very quickly. Then you can focus on those others areas at a steady pace.

Here are a few principles of good web design that will help improve your conversion rates.

The Power of Usability

  • Take a good look at your website from the eyes of your potential customers.

Is the website user friendly or is it intuitive?

In order to increase conversions on your website you have to be working on both of those key elements. The easier a person can perform tasks on your website, the easier they can get to the business of buying. When a person arrives on your website for the very first time, they will be able to determine within seconds whether or not to continue or tho click the back button.

  • During the design of your website, take some tips from your competition.

Place some items in the cart at those websites and see which features you loved and which only slowed down the process. Incorporate those features into your website, using the best of the best.

Improved Design Features

There are certain features you can implement into the design that will have a direct impact on the conversion rates.

These features will nudge the visitor along so that they wind up on the product page and load the cart with the items they need more efficiently.

  • Large headings and verb oriented call to action buttons guide your visitors to take action.

People simply need to be told what to do in many cases, so by giving them action words on the website, it helps them to easily make a decision to move along. The key here is not cluttering up the pages - the more content on a page, the harder it is for the reader to find the information to get the process rolling.

  • Find ways to improve the load speed on your website.

Users today are used to getting information at break neck speed. if they have to wait for your pages to load, they will abandon that cart quickly and shop elsewhere.

A Rewarding Shopping Experience

  • If the colours and visuals on your website engage your visitor, the more likely they are to stay.
  • The longer they stay on your website, the better chance you have to convert them from a visitor into a customer.

Choose the right images, buttons, text, arrows - all of which should lead the buyer to those important call to action buttons.

If the design is poor, and the buyer is clicking around your website and not getting anywhere, you risk your website becoming a poor buying experience. Make the checkout process smooth, ensure the website is visually pleasing to the eyes, and eliminate all that clutter.

  • Continue testing and tweaking all the features and functions on your website.

Stay informed as to what your competition is doing to improve their buyers' experience, and use those features to help improve areas where your website is lacking too.

Stop leaving money on the table by sending your customers out the door within the first few seconds of arriving on your website. If you can focus your attention on making your buyer experience a rewarding one, they will not only will love you for it, they will also tell their inner circle about you.

In a world where advertising costs a fortune, getting customers to refer you to their inner circle is the least expensive and most effective advertising there is.


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