8 Essential Ways to Promote Your Website

8 essential ways to promote your website

8 Cost Effective Strategies For Website Promotion

At Roundhouse, we specialise in developing websites that work.
However, a quality website is just the start of the story.

Every new website needs a clear promotional strategy to ensure it gets seen by the people who matter - your customers, your prospects and your online community.

Read on for some great ways to promote your website - all without breaking the bank.

1. Get SEO Built In

Professional search engine optimisation can be a costly exercise. However, a solid  foundation for your website's search engine performance can be built in from the ground up.

How? Ask your web designer to include relevant keywords for your business in titles and tags throughout the site. Ensure images and videos are titled according to your key phrase and that your website text is well written and targeted to your niche market. If relevant, add some location information into your text (such as ‘Personal Trainer North Sydney’). 

Talk to your web designer about low cost ways to boost your seo performance through onsite optimisation.

2. Domain Email

Ensure that your email address incorporates your domain name. If you have free accounts at gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc - it is still a good idea to make full use of your website domain name and hosting.

A domain email is professional representation of your company. It informs people directly about your business, and refers them to your website for more information.

3. Email Signature

Be sure to include your website address in your email signature. A detailed email signature gives your correspondents more information about you and your website.

4. Email Newsletter Campaign

Send all your contacts an email announcing the launch of your new website. Ask for genuine feedback and request opinions on your web design and site usability. Customers will appreciate that their ideas are valued. Remember that every website should be designed with the user in mind.

Email newsletters have a good conversion rate and should be a feature of your business marketing schedule on an ongoing basis, ideally monthly. Get talking (and start writing!).

5. Business Cards

Every business has a business card. They are the undisputed printing essential for every company - and have yet to be replaced in any meaningful way by a digital version. 

Always feature your website address prominently on your business card - it makes it easy for people to find you online. Also state your web address throughout your business stationary - from letterheads to flyers and catalogues.

6. Signage

Signage advertising is a great way to establish your brand and logo identity in the public space.

Be sure to clearly feature your website address in all your business signage. This includes shop signage, banners, car signage and more.
Take every opportunity to get the word out! 


7. Web Competitions and Special Offers

Announce a competition to celebrate the launch of your website. Offer a highly desirable prize which requires people to visit your new website - such as to fill in a competition entry form. Consider giving specials and deals where appropriate in order to motivate visitors to return on a regular basis.

8. Articles - Write about your product or service range

Articles are great for spreading buzz. Plan a weekly article writing schedule targeting relevant yet diverse aspects of your business. Publish some of these articles on your website’s blog if possible - but also submit articles to directories such as squidoo.com. (Ensure that every articles is unique - the same article should not be included both on your blog and submitted to article directories. Google has a very strict policy on the distribution of duplicate content.

Article distribution will enable potentially hundreds of additional people to locate your new website.


Apply these principals when launching your new website to see an immediate boost in visitors.

Keep in mind that web promotion is an ongoing project. Spend a little time every day spreading the word about your website - and your business will thank you for it!

Roundhouse is located on the sunny Gold Coast Queensland. We can provide a compete marketing and promotion strategy for your new or existing website - both online and offline. We provide a full range of creative services that include print and signage, social media, internet marketing, content creation and promotion. 

We will make sure you get the attention you deserve!

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