5 Key Elements to Include on Your Home Page

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5 Top Home Page 'Must Haves' for Your Company Website

First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.
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Make Your Home Page Work For You

It is a rule that holds true in every business : you really only get one chance at making a great first impression.

This could not be more true when it comes to your website as well.

Recent studies have shown that when a customer arrives at a website, they make the decision to stay or go within 5 seconds.

Technology is moving at lightning fast speed, and people simply expect every website they visit to move quickly. Once you get them to your website, you better have your home page optimised in a way that keeps them interested or you will lose them quickly.

Rather than losing a potential customer with the click of a mouse, take the time to incorporate these 5 things on your homepage to make your site more user friendly.

1. Your Business Contact Information

  • Recent studies have shown that an amazing 75% of small business websites do not have a link to a business email address on the home page.
  • An even more alarming number, 60% of those websites don't have a telephone number listed on the homepage.

At the absolute minimum, your website should have the telephone number and email address clearly visible.

If you do have a physical storefront, then this information must include your street, city, and zip code as well. Google has many features available where you can link a map to the information so if someone is in their car, they can get your exact location by way of the smartphone.

2. Clear Images that Represent Your Business

  • A winning image draws in your visitors attention as soon as they arrive. 
  • Ensure the main header image is closely related to the products you sell.

If you sell wedding cakes, the image must be a wedding cake. Having no graphics or assorted pictures of butterflies and family photos will send your potential customers clicking the back button at break neck speed. 

3. Check All Homepage Links

  • If you do not do anything else, please take the time to ensure each of the links on your homepage is working properly.

Broken links or links that send visitors to the wrong information must be fixed. There should also be a very detailed and clear navigation bar across the top of the homepage. This will help your visitors to quickly find the information that they need at the click of a mouse.

Some of the important links that should be in that navigation bar is your FAQ page, shipping and returns policies, privacy page, and a contact page. Do not make it challenging for a customer to find the information they need to use your service or products.

4. Your Email Signup Box

  • The only way that you can connect with a visitor after they leave your website is by capturing their email address.

If the majority of visitors do not make a purchase, you should be able to send them sales flyers in the future to entice them to come back and shop.

Your email signup box should be easy to see, and it should also give the buyer a great reason to want to provide their personal information. In the signup box, explain that you will only be sending out promotional codes and sales periodically so they do not feel they are being added to a spam list. Offer your customers rewards that they cannot resist.

5. The Social Media Links

  • One of the ways that your visitors can help spread the word about your website is through social media.

Make it easy for your customers to tell their inner circle about your business by making certain you incorporate social media buttons on all your content.

That way if a person is on your website and feels a deal is really good, they can click the Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, or Pinterst button to share your details instantly. These social media buttons are an inexpensive way for your customers to do advertising for your business. In a way, those shares are like referrals, making it easier for new fans to find your content and make purchases.


At Roundhouse, we understand that your website home page needs to be carefully optimised and tailored to your audience. It needs to promote conversions, spark interested and provide key information. If you wish to learn more about how your home page optimisation can work to boost your revenue, please contact us for chat.

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