How to Discover Mobile Opportunities in Emerging Markets

by Saul Edmonds

Are There Mobile Opportunities Within Emerging Markets?

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas A. Edison

Think Outside the Box to Find New Opportunity

The smartphone has transformed the global market landscape.

Worldwide smartphone users last year topped the one billion mark. Yes, not one million, that was one billion global users.

That number was expected to double the next year.

The dynamics are changing so fast that if you aren't tapped into that market you are literally letting money slip through your hands each day.

App developers need to stay ahead of the curve and create apps that consumers are aggressively looking to purchase.

Here are some ways your app can penetrate this growing market.

1. Watch your Download Size

Many of the users from foreign countries are paying a fortune to connect.

This means they can not spend a significant amount of time downloading data. These users are relying heavily on free WiFi locations, then the rest are suffering with 2G speeds.

The more complicated your app, the slower the download time.

Consider these people as all potential customers that could really help grow your business. If you are developing a game app, you can not create a high end app and expect these users to jump on board.

Consider developing low end versions for these gamers to get on board early in the process.

2. Low Data Apps

Data usage fees are a huge barrier in many countries worldwide.

Consider that many of third world countries are lucky to have 2G service in their region. With a limited income and high data costs, it makes sense to design your app with these limitations in mind. Aim to ensure that more users to can enjoy your app from countries that are slowly emerging in this market.

3. Deliver a Local Experience

One of the key things you can do in the development phase is to plan to deliver a quality local experience.

Additional steps can be taken at the development stage that allow the user to instantly have music or instructions appear in their native language.

When the app has a more local feel to it, it becomes more appealing to a global audience. This is something many developers are already doing, so take the time to consider how much of the market share you can gain by making small changes like this to your app.

4. Suscription Models

If you consider your app to be premium, consider listing it as a subscription based app.

This has a great effect on your overall sales, increasing the trials and helping to overcome that initial cost of the app for your users.

Users are more willing to spend smaller amounts to get involved and stay connected. The high quality of the app allows recovery on the back end when the user upgrades. 

5. App Discounts and Giveaways

Most developing countries are getting more comfortable with that pay as you go format.

Provide users with a lower subscription fee to enjoy your app.

This promotes downloads of your app. An ensures a regular income for the long term as customers make smaller payments each time it is due. This works very well in counties where  users are accustomed to topping up their accounts to enjoy digital services.

6. Local Carriers Make Sense

Many users have no access to electronic payment types, so they find it very valuable to partner with an app store that offers prepaid capabilities.

It is hard to imagine, yet over 75% of the app revenue in China comes from carrier branded and carrier billing app stores.

The developers of the premium apps understand that recurring revenue through the usage based formula is growing their profits each month.


Roundhouse has been delivering bespoke app design and development services across all platforms, for many years. Our tailored app development strategies deliver long term results and are a proven way to boost engagement and foster a genuine connection between your audience and your app brand. Our talented team of app experts works closely with you to achieve your goals.

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5 Top Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

by Saul Edmonds

5 Smart Strategies for Increasing Mobile App Reviews

Reviews condition people. At the end of the day, a lot of human minds are malleable. They can be easily shaped with strong words.

Why Reviews Matter

In today's society, many people are basing their buying decisions on the opinions of others.

Take a look at the most popular shopping websites across the internet and you will see each of those items have several reviews from customers who have recently purchased the products.

Reviews have quickly become a gauge that significantly influences people when they buy, and mobile apps are no different. Many items in the app store are sorted by the amount of reviews posted. In the crowded app world, if you want yours to stand out, you need to start focusing on attracting more reviews.

Here are 5 unique ways for increasing mobile app reviews:

1. Using the App Review Plugin

Many people simply need to be asked in order for them to do something. There is no difference when it comes to reviews for your app. The easiest way to get your audience to leave a review is to ask them to leave one from within the app itself. There are so many different turn-key plugins available that will prompt your audience to take a second and leave a comment about their latest purchase. One thing to consider, don't go for the review too soon. Also, don't wait too long or they may have already fallen in love with the next great app.

2. Give the Reviewer Incentive

Here is a unique way you can increase your reviews to your app in a positive way. If you have recently developed a gaming app, chances are the players need to reach certain levels in order to acquire points or prizes. Offer your readers a chance to jump ahead a few levels with bonus coins, secret codes unlocks, or other freebies, in exchange for taking a second and leaving a review. Most are so grateful for the freebie that the review usually comes with a very positive tone. This is definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved.

3. Direct Support for Users

If you want to get a guaranteed great review, you need to provide your users with exceptional customer support. Actively seek feedback and incorporate a program that opens a two way communication, where you can instantly be in touch with those who need help quickly. The problems get solved much quicker, and the customer is left with a much more positive feeling after they deal with support. After you have successfully helped a customer, give them a little nudge and ask them if they were happy with the support, would they please take just a minute and kindly rate the app for you. The response to those requests is usually met with a positive review.

4. Timing the Prompt

Asking the user for a review will definitely help increase the ratings, but you have to be very careful how to time the prompt. The prompt needs to ask the user for a rating within the app experience. Too many apps simply ask for a review right after it has been downloaded. The problem there is the user is either aggravated and leaves a poor rating, or they simply want to experience the app and forget to rate it afterwards. Don't interrupt their normal flow, or you may risk getting poor reviews. Let the user accomplish something first before you go in asking for that review.

5. Running a Contest

One of the best ways to get reviews is simply by running a contest. Choose a prize worthy of a user leaving a review, and encourage them to post a review and then enter their name in the contest. Choose the winner from the list of responses you receive. You can do this weekly, monthly, or forever how long you want to increase your reviews. Be sure that you make it crystal clear how the winners are selected and how the winners will be notified. Attach usernames to random numbers and post the information before the drawing has taken place. This doesn't guarantee you will get positive reviews, but it does encourage user interaction.

If you want to get more positive reviews for your app, take the time to think about people first. Give your users time to enjoy your app, provide great support, and then kindly ask them to rate the app.


At Roundhouse, we understand the importance of connecting with your audience via tools that boost engagement and facilitate reviews. We can assist with targeted strategies that increase reviews and optimise your customer service pathways. Our talented team of experts works closely with you to create precisely what you need.

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How To Use Word of Mouth Marketing to Promote Your App

by Saul Edmonds
How to spread the word about your app

Promoting Your App: 3 Ways to Spread the Word 

Word of mouth is the best medium of all.

William Bernbach

Getting Your App in the Hands of the Customer and Building Word of Mouth 

There are several ways that you can successfully market your mobile app.

Some of these techniques involve a significant amount of money, while others only involve your time. Both are extremely effective at getting your app into your customers hands, both can also help to give these customers a reason to nudge their inner circle to jump in as well.

While these techniques can be effective in their own way, nothing can help to jump start your marketing efforts like word of mouth can.

Here are some ways you can encourage users to tell the world about your app and build a loyal following in the process.

1. Starting Small and Going Slow

Most people involved with mobile apps will likely tell you to do the opposite. Strike while the iron is hot and move fast, but that is why most mobile apps are not going anywhere. The smaller that you start, the better quality app you can deliver to your audience. When you create the app, reach out to a select and small group of individuals. Get their input on the app and the navigation. Let them tell you what they really think.

Be willing to make frequent changes early on, and keep on making adjustments until you are satisfied that the app is going to benefit your audience. Now that you have taken the time to fine-tune your product, your app will be met with a positive reception, leading to more shares and positive word of mouth.

2. Focusing on User Needs

Every great app idea must be developed carefully to translate well for your niche audience. Your app has to focus on solving a need the audience has first and foremost.

If your app can address a problem - and offer a simple solution to that problem - you can do something many app developers never achieve.

Creating an app that your users cannot live without is a real challenge, but if you come from the place that you are addressing a problem, then you can streamline the process so that your app does that - and does it well. 

Get the app right, and then target a bigger audience. After you begin to grow your user base, interact with your audience and ask how you can make your app even better. This will inspire users to share the information with friends due to their involvement.

3. Building a Brand by Telling a Story

Approach marketing from a story telling perspective. Tell a story that connects your app with your user.

If your story is compelling enough, your users will connect with your app on an emotional level.

If your app has really benefited a user, and they take the time to send you a message or create a testimonial, share that message with your audience. A genuine message will always impact upon buyers more than a sales pitch. No matter how skillfully you craft a sales pitch, at the core it remains a sales pitch. When you can post a testimonial from a real user, you connect with a global audience on a much deeper level.

Now your audience has something they can bring to their network and share with their inner circle. This is how you motivate your users to pass on positive word of mouth advertising for you. By taking the time to do the right thing, you are rewarded by users who feel compelled to share that story.


Roundhouse has been delivering innovative advertising and marketing solutions since 2001. We understand how effectively social media and word of mouth marketing can be used to promote apps and achieve more downloads. We take the time to understand your unique story and integrate your message seamlessly throughout your brand and marketing.

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Have a Great App Idea? Answer These 4 Questions First!

by Saul Edmonds
Have a great app idea?

Top 4 Questions to Answer Before You Develop Your App 

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.
John F. Kennedy

Got a Great Idea for an App? 

When you think you have a great app and are ready to get it listed in the app store, take a step back and carefully think a few things through.

Did you know that a huge percentage of apps are rejected before they even get a chance to make it to the store? Many developers are in such a rush to get their app listed, they forget key information, violate the terms and conditions of the store, or submit low quality content.

Before you get your app to development - take the time to ask yourself these important questions.

1. Who is Your Target Audience?

Have you considered who your target audience is yet?

The answer to this question can really help you to sculpt your perfect app. Even though you have a great idea, it is still just an idea. Unless that idea can translate to a specific audience, no one will download it. The thing you have to consider is there are millions of apps in the app store right now. Each designed to help the user address a problem or fill a need. If your product can do that, you have to find a way to reach your target market more effectively than your competitors.

Aim to inspire users to connect emotionally with your app. Only then will customers make the decision to buy. Your target audience must have a need that your app can fill. If your app is not tailored to a specific need of your audience, you may find it difficult to engage and make sales.

2. Will Your Target Audience Pay for the App?

This is a key question to consider. If you are looking to make money selling your app and there are a dozen listed in the iPhone store for free, you are going to have a challenge ahead of you as far as getting people to spend money. A simple alternative is to list it for free and run in-app advertisements. 

The key - while the app is still within the development phase - is to sculpt your idea to an audience who is willing to pay for it. If you create a high quality app that fills a clear need, and you don't have too many similar apps given away for free, you have a great chance of commercial success.

3. Is Your Audience Large Enough?

Now you might have the perfect app, you have found a paying audience, and you don't have to worry about too many free apps in your niche.

Now you have to consider the size of your audience. How big is your audience?

If your niche is a micro niche, you might be reducing your audience to a fraction of what you thought it might be. The smaller the niche, the smaller the audience. This also means the smaller the sales and the smaller the profits. Consider if your app idea will appeal to a large enough audience who is willing to download the app. 

4. Are There Similar Apps Available?

You could have a great idea for a mobile app, but if there are hundreds utilising the same idea, you may have a problem on your hands. This doesn't mean that you cannot create the app, you just have to work a little harder at getting the app noticed. This is where you have to really step up your design and marketing efforts to be successful. If you feel your app will be superior to those others, then get to social media and start promoting.

The more downloads and feedback you get, the more likely someone else will download your app as well. There are many channels available for promoting your app that will bring the users right to your app.

Even with a great app idea, it doesn't always mean you will have success in the app store. With millions of apps to choose from, you need stunning screenshots, an optimised description, a compelling title, and the right price - all of which will maximise your chances of success.


Roundhouse has been delivering world class digital services since 2001. Our Australian team of app development experts understand how to transform your app idea into a successful project that achieves your goals. We work closely with you to create precisely what you need.

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by Saul Edmonds