How To Drive More Sales with Mobile Responsive Design

Why Every Business Website Must Be Mobile Responsive Today

"Change before you have to." - Jack Welch

The Rise of Mobile Search

This year more people will not only own mobile devices, they will be using them for far more tasks than in previous years.

People are using their tablets and smartphones on the go to do all those thing that used to be only available on your desktop computer. They aren't just surfing, these people are posting on their social media profiles, shopping, and checking their emails throughout the day. Studies have revealed the average Facebook user is spending 55 minutes a day on that one social media platform alone.

If your website is not mobile friendly, you are losing out on potentially a huge amount of new traffic. Creating a mobile responsive design works for both the desktop and mobile devices.

Here are a few reasons why mobile responsive design can help drive more sales to your website.

Better Visitor Experience

The idea of mobile responsive design simply means that your website looks the same on a desktop as it does on the mobile devices.

When a visitor stops by your website on their desktop, they get to see the entire expanded site on the monitor. On a mobile device the entire website including all images must be reduced in size to fit the smaller screen.

With mobile responsive design you do not have to worry about creating a separate website design for each type of mobile device. Your website will automatically retract to fit any size screen. With mobile technologies allowing users to access their favorite websites from anywhere they can get an internet connection, it is extremely important you act now and incorporate the mobile responsive design.

Listen to Google

One of the biggest search engines is of course Google. When Google recommends website owners make a certain change it is important for them to listen or be left behind when the changes are rolled out. Google has already made it clear that they prefer mobile responsive design because it allows the search engine spiders to easily crawl the pages and rank them in the organic search results.

If the google bot can not crawl your website, your website will simply lose that placement you have worked so hard to get. If Google is saying they prefer mobile responsive design so they only need crawl your content once, it is a good idea to get moving on this as soon as possible.

Better Conversion Rates

The most important reason why you should consider a mobile responsive design with your website is better conversion rates.

Studies reveal that each day 69% of people who own a tablet have made a purchase online this month. If your website is not working across those mobile devices, you are losing out on a tremendous amount of business.

People are utilizing the convenience of their mobile devices to do tasks on the run today. They are making purchasing while sitting at the airport waiting for a flight, sitting in the waiting room at the doctor office, and while sitting in line in their vehicles to pick up the kids from school. If your website is unresponsive on those mobile devices, buyers will simply shop somewhere else.

For these reasons and more, mobile responsive design can boost your sales and your profits in record time once it has been implemented with your website.


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