How To Use Word of Mouth Marketing to Promote Your App

How to spread the word about your app

Promoting Your App: 3 Ways to Spread the Word 

Word of mouth is the best medium of all.

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Getting Your App in the Hands of the Customer and Building Word of Mouth 

There are several ways that you can successfully market your mobile app.

Some of these techniques involve a significant amount of money, while others only involve your time. Both are extremely effective at getting your app into your customers hands, both can also help to give these customers a reason to nudge their inner circle to jump in as well.

While these techniques can be effective in their own way, nothing can help to jump start your marketing efforts like word of mouth can.

Here are some ways you can encourage users to tell the world about your app and build a loyal following in the process.

1. Starting Small and Going Slow

Most people involved with mobile apps will likely tell you to do the opposite. Strike while the iron is hot and move fast, but that is why most mobile apps are not going anywhere. The smaller that you start, the better quality app you can deliver to your audience. When you create the app, reach out to a select and small group of individuals. Get their input on the app and the navigation. Let them tell you what they really think.

Be willing to make frequent changes early on, and keep on making adjustments until you are satisfied that the app is going to benefit your audience. Now that you have taken the time to fine-tune your product, your app will be met with a positive reception, leading to more shares and positive word of mouth.

2. Focusing on User Needs

Every great app idea must be developed carefully to translate well for your niche audience. Your app has to focus on solving a need the audience has first and foremost.

If your app can address a problem - and offer a simple solution to that problem - you can do something many app developers never achieve.

Creating an app that your users cannot live without is a real challenge, but if you come from the place that you are addressing a problem, then you can streamline the process so that your app does that - and does it well. 

Get the app right, and then target a bigger audience. After you begin to grow your user base, interact with your audience and ask how you can make your app even better. This will inspire users to share the information with friends due to their involvement.

3. Building a Brand by Telling a Story

Approach marketing from a story telling perspective. Tell a story that connects your app with your user.

If your story is compelling enough, your users will connect with your app on an emotional level.

If your app has really benefited a user, and they take the time to send you a message or create a testimonial, share that message with your audience. A genuine message will always impact upon buyers more than a sales pitch. No matter how skillfully you craft a sales pitch, at the core it remains a sales pitch. When you can post a testimonial from a real user, you connect with a global audience on a much deeper level.

Now your audience has something they can bring to their network and share with their inner circle. This is how you motivate your users to pass on positive word of mouth advertising for you. By taking the time to do the right thing, you are rewarded by users who feel compelled to share that story.


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