4 Ways to Win More Customers

4 Ways to Boost Your Marketing and Get The Attention You Deserve!

Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression - with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.
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Learn How to Captivate Your Audience

Whether your business is brand new or you have been in the industry for decades, gaining exposure and new customers is always at the top of the marketing to-do list.

Trying to figure out how to get more people engaged in your marketing campaign is key, and will eventually be the catalyst to your success.

The challenge for you as a business owner is cutting through all that excessive noise that is distracting your customers from your messages.

Here are 4 unique ways that you can market your company and captivate a larger audience.

1. Focusing on Value Not Features

The traditional way of marketing a product or service is to focus on all the features.

These messages that tout features alone simply put you in the mix with all those other companies promoting the same products and features.

To stand out in the crowd, focus on creating specific messages that are designed to tell the customer what value they will receive from using the product or service. Rather than simply regurgitating the features over and over like every other business, you focus on how this is benefiting your customer in the end. 

2. Be Sure to Mention the Why

Many people start a business for a reason that is often bigger then they are.

Begin your marketing efforts with identifying the reasons why you began your business, and expand upon that idea.

Try to communicate with your audience in a unique way to stand apart from your competitors. The aim is to attract like-minded individuals who connect with your message in a genuine way. Strive to identify a core message that will resonate with your niche audience. For example, if your started your business to fix a problem, use that message to market your business. 

3. Develop Unique & Personal Ways to Approach Messaging

Start thinking about your customers in terms of unique personas.

The key here is to develop a persona from the ground up, asking key questions about what this type of customers does, thinks, buys, etc, and then approaching your marketing from the position of addressing the concerns of that specific buyer.

Imagine that this customer is actually a close friend of yours, and write your unique marketing message as if you were addressing that friend. Your messages will be more personal, and will connect on a deeper level with your audience.

Make the effort to think outside the box. Strive to understanding your customers, and develop marketing strategies that are fine-tuned to meet their unique needs. 

4. Storytelling is the Answer

Take a close look at a your business from an objective point of view.

You might discover that when you look at it this way, low end companies in your industry do not differ much from the giants in your industry. With more competition joining the ranks each day, it is difficult to stay on the top of any industry. The internet has given anyone with a dream and a computer the ability to compete on a global scale with any company. With the right marketing strategies - a small operator can successfully compete with industry leaders.

Above all, storytelling is the key to a memorable marketing message. Consistently share your message & tell your unique story to remain in the mind of your audience.

One of the things to consider when trying to market to a larger audience is - that philosophy of your company must become the cornerstone of the marketing message. Your buyer must believe that your company lives and breathes this message each day.

Standing out as a unique brand is achievable with the right strategy in place.

If you dig deep into the heart and soul of your business and find things that your competition cannot replicate, you stand a much better chance at convincing the world about your brand.


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