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by Saul Edmonds
 digital branding

How to achieve digital branding success 

The goal of branding is to create a meaningful dialogue between company and consumer. 

Digital branding refers exclusively to online brand messages. Audience engagement is the key to establishing a relevant brand in the digital world.

What is Digital Branding?

In an increasingly 'online world', brands must adapt their marketing tactics to the digital space.

Digital branding seeks to establish communication channels online in which both the brand and the target audience share and engage proactively via the internet.

Customer loyalty is strengthened when brands participate in the conversation.

Today, direct communication is paramount. Companies are increasingly acknowledging the many benefits to building a strong brand online. Customers appreciate brands that provide relevant feedback, respect people as individuals and provide up to date information. 

Actively building customer relations online is fundamental to digital branding success.

What are channels for digital branding?

Digital branding channels include blogs, forums, networking and bookmarking sites. Social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr should be strategically integrated into every business digital branding strategy.

Branding across these online platforms must be visually consistent. Companies should ensure logo and brand style elements are well represented.

Brand engagement via relevant information and interaction is the key. Consumers prefer to communicate with 'real people' behind the brand. Brand representatives must present a consistent brand message - as every communication is part of the whole.

Digital Branding and Audience Engagement

Digital branding is about observation, participation and contribution.

Brands must strive to actively serve their audience. Social media is a powerful tool that can be utilised to service clients better than ever before. 

Companies should carefully reflect on ways to ensure their brand is increasingly relevant and useful.  Information should be offered free of charge. This will further increase audience engagement and boost profitability long term.

Digital branding is a long term strategy that must be maintained on a daily basis. 

Brand Monitoring and Feedback

Digital branding gives brands many opportunities to gain feedback directly from consumers. This is an affordable way for brands to monitor the success and relevancy of products and services. This is a great way for brands to continue to improve.

Brand Community

The ultimate goal of digital branding is to build a loyal community of engaged followers. Brands must seek to encourage interaction and reward loyalty.

At the core of digital branding is the drive to better understand and communicate with the consumer. Brands should integrate creative ways to stimulate dialogue.

Negative comments and feedback are best addressed by direct and open means. A genuinely unsatisfied customer will always appreciate a fair response and offer of compensation. 

Digital Branding for Your Business

Opportunities to grow branding online continue to expand. Brands should embrace the new paradigm and seek to serve their audience. A commitment to building a strong digital brand will return a positive result.

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by Saul Edmonds