4 Cost Effective Ways to Market Your Brand This Christmas

by Saul Edmonds

4 Cost Effective Ways to Optimise Your Brand Marketing This Christmas Time

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.
Roy L. Smith

Build Brand Recognition This Christmas

It seems this time of year companies across the world put all their focus on finishing the year strong as far as sales goes.

The holiday season can be key to company revenue. If you are not incorporating effective brand marketing techniques this time of year, you may be limiting your potential earnings.

Social media and internet advertising present the business owner many unique opportunities to grow their brand.

Here are 6 of the most popular techniques for getting more brand recognition this busy buying holiday season.

1. Focus on Mobile Strategies

More consumers than ever this holiday season will be shopping and making purchases with their mobile device.

Users are now comfortable using their smartphones to make purchases, and the convenience of buying items anywhere is a plus. Many savvy shoppers are also utilising their phones to score discount coupons that can be scanned right at the register while shopping in their favorite stores.

You must find creative ways to get your brand and your message to the masses by way of mobile marketing.

Consumers not only want the best deals, they want them instantaneously.

Use this as the guide to building an effective mobile campaign that focuses on coupons and special offers that the competition in not in position to offer.

2. The Power of Real-Time Marketing

Being able to capitalise on real-time marketing means that current trends can be incorporated into your branding messages.

These messages need to be creative, timely, and appealing to buyers or you miss the mark here.

The holiday season gives you a great opportunity to incorporate current trends, holiday themes, and your brand, into one creative campaign. Automate the process as best you can so you can allow the customers to share the content with their friends while you focus on moving merchandise quickly.

3. Focus More on Social Marketing

Your social media efforts need to be compelling this holiday season to encourage the power of sharing with your fans and followers.

Not only can you get real-time feedback as to the quality of your promotion, the word can spread like wildfire if the consumers see a great deal. They have no trouble sharing the message with their inner circle, growing your circle of customers rapidly.

If your content is relevant this holiday season. the social media audience will respond with their holiday spirit. Don't try to push products because it is the holidays, fill a need by telling your fans your products are the perfect solution to a problem, and the holiday spirit will take over.

4. The Power of Influence

It is important that your marketing efforts incorporate good old word of mouth advertising.

Your audience is more likely to respond positively when they see a friend or coworker already using your products. Use social media to get feedback from customers who have already utilized your services this year, and find a way to encourage them to share that message with their inner circle of followers and fans this holiday season. Your message will be met more receptively when sent from a close friend.

5. The Seamless E-Commerce Process

If you can monetize all of your marketing channels, you stand the best chance of leveraging your brand during the holiday season.

To do this effectively you have to drive each customer to the product and let them make the purchase. The process needs to be seamless from the marketing campaign to the website, to the shopping cart. There are several payment platforms like Apply Pay and PayPal that allow you monetize your social media profiles too.

If you make it easier for a person to purchase across all your advertising campaigns, you stand a better chance of having a huge selling season this year.

6. Learning to Properly Plan Ahead

With all these tips you now have to effectively market your brand this holiday season, the key to making it work is to plan accordingly. No technique is going to be effective without the right amount of planning, so even if the holidays seem far off, plan today so the process is easier when that busy season gets here.

Test all your campaigns before you launch them so all the checkout processes work and you don't leave any money on the table.

Now is the time to test everything and get your plans clearly laid out.


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