5 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness This Christmas

5 Great Ways to Boost Your Brand Awareness This Christmas Time

Quote: I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
Charles Dickens

Grow Your Brand Awareness To Grow Your Sales

As the holidays continue to get closer, now is the time to focus on planning so that the 4th quarter is the most profitable for your business.

Regardless how many weeks are left in the holiday season, planning is the key to ensuring your brand has a successful rise in sales as the year comes to an end.

Finding ways to stand apart from the competition might seem like a challenge, here are some ways to boost your brand awareness and your sales as the holiday nears.

1. It's All in the Planning

If you aren't taking time to plan for all those strategies you have in place, you aren't going to be able to implement them as the weeks get busier.

Stay committed to the process. Take the time to map out exactly what you are going to do and what results you expect to reach.

Make certain the marketing and sales teams clearly understand what metrics need to be put in place so that your brand can continue to grow through December.

2. Grow Your Inventory Now

Nothing can be more frustrating than running out of inventory when the rush of holiday shoppers hit your store. The best time to stock up on inventory is now, this way if there is any issue with shipping or deliveries. you still have time to correct the problem. Now is also the time to hire extra help to keep up with the holiday demand. Those employees will be able to help you to move product and keep close eyes on merchandising or buying.

The holiday time can be quite hectic, the better prepared you are for the rush the more successful your brand will be.

3. Utilise All Possible Channels

With the huge rise in online traffic during the holiday season, to make certain your brand capitalises - you must market across multiple channels.

If you already have an effective off-line campaign, make certain to spend time working on your mobile and website marketing strategies.

The key to ensuring your brand has a successful holiday season is to cast a net wide enough to grab the most fish out there. The more channels that you can use to get your unique message out, the more potential visitors you can turn into loyal customers.

There are many agencies who specialise is multi-channel marketing, so if this is not your expertise, know there are professionals ready to help you get your sales to the next level this holiday season. 

4. Optimising Your Website

Now is the time to make certain that your website is optimised for getting the most traffic possible.

Ask your web developer to check if your website is able to handle excess traffic this season without slowing down the user experience.

Visitors today are used to getting their information at lightning fast speeds. If they have to wait for pages to load, they will just shop at your competitors website and never return.

You only get one chance at convincing these buyers to stay with you, so make sure your website is properly optimised so the consumers can find what they need and checkout in a timely manner.

5. Choosing the Right Message

In order to stand apart from the competition this holiday season, your brand message has to be crystal clear.

Are you focused on providing exceptional customer service, will you meet or beat any advertised pricing, or can you guarantee delivery right up to the holidays? Choose your message carefully, then be sure that everyone on staff lives that message throughout the busiest time of year.

If you want your brand to become recognised by that message, you must be willing to commit to it for the long haul. If your company is focused on doing whatever it takes to ensure on time delivery of all orders, you will become known for following through on your promises.

Word spreads fast, especially around the holidays, when things get closer to crunch time.

Make this holiday season one where your company brand rises to the occasion.

The combination of social media marketing, a fully optimised website, and a unique brand message will set your company apart and reach more customers across the globe.


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