7 Top Reasons Why Infographics Work

by Saul Edmonds

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.

Ansel Adams

Infographic Design

Infographics are a powerful tool that builds communication and promotes information sharing.

Infographics are increasing used by businesses to share data in a format that is easily read and shared.

Infographics make complex information readily accessible. 

Every business can benefit from incorporating infographics into their marketing and content schedule - as customers and audiences strive to learn more about the facts, figures and data trends of the companies they support and the world at large.

Consider infographics as a useful tool to help build your 'brand story' online.


Why do infographics work so effectively?

It is said that there are three styles of information processing: by auditory, visual and sensorial means.

Many people are primarily 'visual learners', in fact - our brains process images faster than words.

It is estimated that we retain only 10% of textual content we read - while images make a stronger impression.

Text and images, data and statistics - combine readily to create a visually compelling story.

A well designed infographic combines these elements in an easy to digest format. 

Take advantage of the power of visual communication and convey your message with a custom designed infographic.

Read on for our 7 top reasons why infograpics have become such a useful tool online.

1. Infographics are user friendly.

Utilise the power of 'visual communication' to facilitate understanding.

Data is most potent when presented in a visual format. A quality infographic combines visual elements, text and data - to capture the attention of your audience and simultaneously educate and inform. The best infographics and memorable, attractive and incorporate company brand style guides. 

2. Infographics are shareable.

Share your message via a custom designed infographic. 

A key reason for the increased popularity of infographics is ease of sharing. A quality infographic will be instantly shared via social channels such as Facebook and twitter. Social sharing is great for increasing website traffic and improving search engine rankings. Include infographics strategically within your seo and content promotion campaign.

3. Infographics are easy to read.

Infographics provide 'in-depth information' in an easy to read format.

A simple approach is often best, particularly when presenting complex data. Detailed concepts are able to be presented clearly and thus promote analysis and understanding. Infographic design is conceptually driven by the data it presents.

4. Infographics enhance communication.

Infographics are self explanatory.

An attractive and interesting infographic promotes immediate response. No specialised knowledge is required. Every subject is suitable for illustration via infographics and data visualisation. Infographics are ideal for sharing serious or complex information with your customers and prospects. 

5. Infographics are highly targeted.

Use infogrphics to engage your audience world wide.

Create an infographic that resonates meaningfully with your target audience. Help people remember more about your company and services. Extend your reach with visualised information. Introduce facts and figures in a clear illustrative way that is anything but boring!

Every infographic should be custom tailored to your readers. All industries and businesses can benefit from a clear and simple message presented with style.

6. Infographics are memorable.

A well designed infographic is eye catching and will be remembered.

Effective visual content attracts attention. Engage your audience 'visually' to promote your message. 

7. Infographics promote brands.

A quality infographic has enormous viral potential. Embed your brand strategically throughout your infographics and increase your brand profile via twitter, Facebook, pinterest and more. Choose colour combination and typography that is 'on brand'. Keep your message clear. Target your niche market.

Use infographics to position your brand online as a market leader.

Utilise the power of infographics in your next campaign!

Discover the many benefits to creative marketing with infographics. 

Roundhouse offers professional infographic design and promotion services. We can assist with infographics and innovative branding strategies. With over 20 years design, brand and printing experience - trust Roundhouse to deliver a quality infographic, custom designed to meet your needs.

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Need Infographics?

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See examples of our infographic work here.

Roundhouse is a full service creative agency.

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4 Reasons to Choose a Brand Agency

by Saul Edmonds
4 Reasons to Choose a Brand Agency.png

Why you should choose a brand agency for growing business

“A business based on brand is, very simply, a business primed for success.”
(David F. D’Alessandro)

What is a brand agency?

A brand agency offers specialist communication and design services. This includes brand strategy, brand design and brand implementation across all media. The 'brand message' is then broadcast via promotional channels and marketing collaterals.

The broad goal of a brand agency is to understand the culture of a company, discover points of difference with competitors and communicate genuine value to target audiences.

A strong brand makes connections with people and resonates for a lifetime.

Brand Agency Services

A dedicated brand agency offers a complete range of brand and design services. Ideally, all services will be provided 'in house' to ensure consistency of approach. Brands are built from concept to completion with custom designed 'strategic solutions' that adhere to a realistic budget.

Brand agency services consist of integrated digital marketing, online and offline strategies that boost engagement and extend market reach. This includes:

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Creative Consultation

  • Branding

  • Advertising & Media

  • Web Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Content Creation

  • Digital Stratgey

  • Social Media

  • SEO & Online Marketing

  • Mobile Services

Brand Agency Values

Value sensitive brand design.

Values are systematically applied through the branding process. Central to this is a sensitivity to the needs of stakeholders (both individual and groups), a commitment to tools and technologies that enhance objectives, and the pursuit of continuous progress above perfection.

Brand Agency Results

Effective branding creates long term financial results.

A brand agency seeks the following broad outcomes for every client:

  • Establish competitive advantage

  • Grow market share

  • Strengthen customer relationships

  • Provide holistic brand experiences

  • Generate impact with small budgets

  • Streamline process to achieve measurable results

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Brand Agency

1. Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing highlights a brand in a crowded marketplace.

The goal of strategic marketing is to win prospects by emphasis of the 'point of difference' to competitors. This is achieved by communicating company strengths to customers to build product / service recognition and brand value. Brand agencies aim is to provide consistently better 'value' in the competitive landscape. The 3 key questions they address are how, when and where should a brand engage its audience.

2. Creative Communication

Creative communication increases the effectiveness of advertising, marketing and brand management.

A brand agency offers creative communication services to generate value - for brands and people. They provide professional 'creative thinking' . A creative and thoughtful approach to communication enhances advertising, marketing and overall brand success.

3. Custom Designed for your Audience

Custom designed brand services 'connect the dots' between ideas and people.

A brand agency seeks to build relationships that resonate - between a brand and its customers. Branding is ultimately about creating sustainable relationships and community. Customer relationships are at the core of every brand outreach.

4. Higher ROI

A brand agency will maximise the return on investment with a highly targeted strategic campaign. 

A streamlined focus costs less and delivers more. Clients have increased confidence that advertising, marketing and brand management will deliver results. Outcomes are consistently monitored to ensure goals are met.

Can you extend the reach of your brand?

Every business must find their target market. Increasingly, people are searching for products, information and services online. 

Brands must adapt to the online space while maintaining offline strategies.

As a leading brand agency, Roundhouse specialises in helping businesses develop their brand both online and offline.

We serve clients across a broad range of industries including: retail, wholesale, construction, creative industries, legal, medical and more.

How can Roundhouse's Brand Agency Services help your business?

Brand marketing is the most effective strategy when promoting your business online and offline. Brand marketing ensures a consistency of approach across all channels - from web design to social media, printed collaterals and point of sale. Your brand - and all it represents - is at the core of the entire marketing campaign.

Roundhouse's team  works closely with each client from initial consultation to final implementation. We develop highly tailored solutions to meet your individual needs. We take the time to understand you and your business.

Not only does Roundhouse guarantee world class branding for your audience, we also in build Search Engine Optimisation strategies into our brand solutions with our unique 'Content Power' system. This will boost traffic online and increase your market share.

In business since 2001, Roundhouse has custom designed brand strategies for numerous companies throughout Australia.

Will you be next?

So what does Roundhouse's Brand Agency Services include?

  • Personal Consultation

  • Detailed Research / Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Creative Innovation

  • Professional Design

  • Implementation

  • Monitoring

  • FREE LIFETIME service and support

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As an industry leading Brand Agency, Roundhouse can help you extend your brand and connect with your audience.

Talk to Roundhouse. We can help.

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What is Liquid Content and Why it Matters for Brands

by Saul Edmonds

Discover the Value of Liquid Content

liquid content

The broad purpose of any marketing and communication strategy is to achieve a connection with a target audience. It is about standing out in a crowded marketplace and creating meaningful differentiation.

In recent times, marketers have realised the power of creative content within a social web. 

Highly shared creative content greatly promotes brand engagement and strengthens brand value

Of course, brand engagement must be at the heart of any 21st century marketing plan.

What exactly is Liquid Content?

'Liquid content' as a term refers to web content that is highly shared - where the desire for sharing is driven by contagious or 'viral ideas' within the content.

Liquid content may be described as memorable or significant content, which people become highly motivated to share via social networks such as twitter or pintrest. This may be an article, image or video.

Highly shared content is a powerful asset. 

Brand awareness can develop more rapidly by use of this model.

Brand Marketing with Liquid Content

When used within a brand campaign strategy, liquid content should be highly aligned to the business with which it is associated. It may include direct references to the brand or seek to build strong engagement with the target audience. It must consistently reflect the essential brand message and company values.

Use Liquid Content to Drive Conversations

An element of viral sharing is to include the 'conversations' that surround the liquid content. This can involve the distribution of relevant comments and reactions from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more. This enhances customer engagement and promotes interest as a diversity of ideas emerge as participation builds.

Incorporate greater connectivity into your liquid content for more success.

Liquid Content and Interactive Diversity

In a social web, every story is a two way street. An evolving dialogue of content + interaction + conversation creates a dynamic and unfolding story in contrast to the single dimension of static content.

Liquid content may become diversified organically across many mediums, as the process of sharing and engagement continues.

Creativity and Liquid Content

Liquid content carries a risk value. 

Liquid content is experimental.

No one knows for sure which pieces of liquid content will achieve a high viral status. It should form part of a culture of creativity in any organisation - where content is in part driven by the search for new models and innovative ways to reach a target market. 

The process of innovation opens companies up to new possibilities - as we seek to discover what works in the emerging social paradigm. As a working guide - approx. 10% of total brand marketing content should be of a more experimental, courageous nature. The majority of content should continue to be of a more 'tried and tested' nature to ensure brand stability. However, this 10% 'window of innovation' is important as it will eventually define what content works best in the future.

Final Thoughts

As Brand Marketers, we need to adopt new models which specifically embrace the social web. The aim is to build buzz, incorporate interactivity and resonate with customers.

As a creative agency, Roundhouse is well placed to assist with innovative ideas for content creation. 

We love to work creatively with Brands to discover new and exciting ways to engage people.

Talk to us. We can help.

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He is an expert on Brand, Website and App Development. He has worked with clients across all industry groups - including startups, small business, government and entrepreneurs - on projects of all sizes and budgets.

Saul and his team can help you grow your business and discover new possibilities with :

  • strategic brand design
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  • app design and development 
  • digital marketing 
  • creative engagement 

    Saul Edmonds believes that every project begins with a story. 

    Saul and his team offer a one to one, tailored service - where he works with you closely to develop innovative solutions that will take your business to the next level. 

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    by Saul Edmonds