How To Use The Power of Storytelling To Grow Your Business

by Saul Edmonds

Why Storytelling is Smarter Marketing

           Storytelling is important. Part of human continuity.
 Robert Redford

How To Use Storytelling to Cut Through the Noise

Effective marketing is all about being able to engage your potential customers and create proactive brand believers.

This is how you gain more fans for just about everything that you sell.

Storytelling can play a big part in attracting and growing your customer base. 

It helps to identify your core values in the company, and more importantly, it makes it much easier for the audience to share the story with family, coworkers and friends. If you were told the statistics of a company versus a unique story about how they saved the day - or overcame a significant challenge - chances are you will remember the story. 

Make Your Mission Statement Work

The core belief behind your company story should reflect your mission statement.

Whether you are selling cars or computers, the story of your business is a very powerful tool that will elevate the business from ordinary to extraordinary. More businesses are starting to realise that in order to connect with a customer, you have to first identify with that customer.

If the story of your business addresses a problem that the customer can relate to, then your business can solve their problem more easily. Your business doesn't have to be like the competition, highlighting all those bullet points and statistics. Make the story of your business is more enjoyable and easier to remember.

Use Storytelling To Solve a Problem

The stories that your business tells should always address a need that your audience has, then show the customers how your product or service provides the best solution for that problem.

By creating a problem in advance, it is easier for you to develop a story where your company comes in and saves the day. When your story has some human elements to it that evoke emotion, it can really leave a memorable message with your audience. These messages are something your customers care about, not statistics and bullet points. Those bullet points don't solve a problem, the story does.

Great Stories Need Emotion

Great stories take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions.

Every story needs a hero:

The story begins with the hero discovering that the villain is standing in the way. The hero tries everything to defeat the villain, only to find the villain is much stronger and harder to defeat than initially thought. Throughout the story the hero looks for possible solutions, to only fall flat each time. Finally towards the end of the story, just when it looked like the villain has won, the hero uses your products or services and defeats the villain.

Engaging the reader in this manner is easier for them to connect with and to relate to. it also makes it easier for the reader to take the store and expand on it as they tell their friends. 

Easy Ways To Develop Your Storyline

Think out loud for a minute about a product or service that you cannot live without.

Think about the company that provides that service or product and now compare their story to yours. If you cannot live without their service, what was it about their story that hooked you as a customer for life? Identify what their story does and how their products are directly related to the story they tell.

Your goal should be to get to that top spot and become the business or service your customers cannot live without.

If you are struggling with your story, ask yourself a few of these questions to get you on the right path.

  • Are your thoughts advancing an idea or concept?

  • Are all your thoughts actionable?

  • Are your thoughts commercially relevant?

  • Can you say your idea is new and fresh?

  • Will your thoughts get customers to take action?

This is a long term process and not something that happens after one brainstorming session. You might be surprised to know that over 60% of your audience has been waiting almost a year to make a choice or a decision. If your story in compelling enough, you can help those people who have difficulty making decisions finally close the deal.

Focus on your message being informative rather than always looking for something in return. if you solve a problem, you gain a customer for the long haul who will tell your story to everyone they come in contact with.


At Roundhouse, we understand how to effectively use storytelling to 'cut through the noise'. Your story is unique to you. Tell your story and infuse your marketing with your key mission statement. If you want to learn more about how marketing with storytelling can work for your business, please get in touch.

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3 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

by Saul Edmonds
6_3 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty.png

Simple Customer Loyalty Ideas for Your Business

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all."
Michael LeBoeuf

One of the best ways to build customer loyalty is to put yourself in the role of a customer.

When you visit a retailer or supplier and receive a genuine hello or thank you, how does that make you feel? When you order a product or service, how do you feel when you receive a follow up call or letter asking if you were satisfied, and thank you for placing your order?

Small courtesies really matter when it comes to building customer loyalty.

Here are 4 ways to build customer loyalty that will help to grow your customer base and increase your overall traffic.

The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.
John Russell, President, Harley Davidson

1. The Loyalty Programme

People love to be rewarded for their patronage, and whether you provide a loyalty card or a rewards program that encourages future purchases, if the underlying theme is that you appreciate the customers business you will see an increase in customer loyalty. Providing your customers with rewards tells them that even though they might consider looking elsewhere for the same product at a better price, the fact you take the time to provide them with bonuses and rewards for continuing to patronage goes a long way.

Find ways to implement a loyalty programme in your organisation. Create a community centred upon the needs of your customers, develop a rewards programme or introduce and promote membership benefits.

2. Handwritten Thank You

You recently purchased a new vehicle from your local auto dealer and within a week you received a hand written thank you letter from the salesperson who sold you the car. On the anniversary of that sale, you received another hand written thank you again telling you how much your business is appreciated and if you ever need anything to please call. What do you think the chances of that person referring their family and friends to that dealership are? They are extremely high because a simple handwritten note gave you and the dealer a connection that you can not get from flyers, commercials and emails like the competition does. Take the time to thank your customers with a simple handwritten note and express your sincere gratitude.

Take the time to connect individually with your customers. In the world of emails and text, a handwritten card or note stands out. Invest a little time in discovering the value of written communication.

3. Know Your Customers

It takes just as much time to small talk with a customer as it does to genuinely ask them questions concerning their lives. Asking about a child, or a sick family member, a new pet or a new addition to the family are all ways to show your customer that you have a connection with them. If you notice a change in their life and make reference to it, you show that customer that you do have concerns about them. These feelings can build customer loyalty for a lifetime.

Get to know your customers. Relationship building is the foundation of quality customer service. Ensure every customer feels valued and understood.

"Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless."
Jeffrey Gitomer

Enhance customer loyalty and increase your business.

Discover innovative and cost effective ways to boost your ROI with increased customer loyalty.

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3 Ways to Leverage the Power of Social and Mobile Marketing

by Saul Edmonds

How to Connect with your Market in the New Digital Economy

“Instead of one-way interruption, web marketing is about delivering useful content at precisely the right moment when a buyer needs it.” 
David Meerman Scott (Author)

Marketing has always been at the heart of every small business.

Marketing channels are changing greatly as the digital economy gains traction. In previous times a typical marketing plan for a small business owner would include such elements as: 

  • the yellowpages
  • direct mail
  • local advertising
  • networking
  • public relations

While the yellowpages struggles for relevance, print marketing continues to perform; yet is most effective when used in conjunction with a digital campaign. Print marketing works to reach prospects when they are offline. Google and Microsoft invest millions each year on highly targeted print campaigns – this is evidence that there is still an important role for printed materials in small business marketing.

Social, Mobile and Small Business Success

For most businesses, a website is the start of a digital marketing strategy. Getting the right website is essential – yet in a well-rounded marketing strategy it is just the beginning.

Read on for our Top 3 Ways to Leverage Social and Mobile Marketing for Profit.

1. Engage your prospects with Social

Social Media for business is a long term strategy. At the core of any social media strategy is content creation. This content typically involves blog posts, youtube videos, images and infographics, free ebooks and slide presentations.

Each of these is important – however, a blog is particularly recommended. If you are just beginning your social campaign, start here. If you can invest a few hours each week in writing targeted articles that address the needs of your customer (3 articles per week is recommended) - blogging is a great way to get your message out and boost your SEO without additional costs.

Your blogs should then be broadcast across your other social channels. Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin must be included here.

Take the time to reach out to others. Get involved in forums, ask questions on Linkedin, and share images on Pinterest. Join the conversation. Participation is the key.

A targeted social media strategy for business takes time, commitment, creativity and sometimes a little inspiration. Focus your attention and take one step at a time. Get started with your blog, broadcast your message to Twitter and share images on Facebook.

Design for Social Success

Ensure your brand is well represented across the social platforms.

Include your logo prominently on your Twitter and Facebook business page. Develop each channel carefully as a branded digital asset that communicates your message clearly.

2. Engage Your Prospects with Mobile


Mobilise your Website
A mobile friendly website is essential. With 1 in 7 internet searches conducted from mobiles – people are visiting your website right now from their mobiles. Make sure your website works for them.

The two options here are: a fully optimised mobile website or a mobile ‘mini-site’ where any searches from a mobile are automatically diverted to a mini mobile version of your main site.

Mobilise Your Emails and Email Marketing
Ensure that all emails you send are readable on the mobile screen – as a great majority of people check their emails from their smartphone.

Build an opt-in SMS Marketing List
Invite customers and prospects to subscribe to an SMS marketing list. Offer then an incentive for doing so: a discount, special offer or giveaway is ideal. Broadcast relevant messages to your subscribers.

3. Integrate Your Marketing Channels

No marketing element operates within a vacuum.  The most effective marketing strategy is an integration of online, offline and mobile. For example, why not promote your social networks on printed business collaterals?

Effective marketing across the new media requires a degree of experimentation and finding out what fits best – for you, your business and your customers.

A strong social media campaign requires quality content that is equally matched by a dedication to build an audience. Time must be invested to find followers and a fan base.

The key challenge is to engage a build a targeted audience and then convert that engagement into revenue. A large database of contacts always provides greater opportunities and return than a small database.

Promote your brand online, offline and via mobile channels to get the best results. In a world of emerging media; there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to suit every business. Daily commitment, a willingness to ‘get out there’ and constant review are the keys to marketing success.

Do you need help marketing your business and brand on social networks?

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    by Saul Edmonds