How to Get More Business From Networking

by Saul Edmonds

5 Effective Ways To Get More From Your Business Networking

Either you run the day or the day runs you.
Jim Rohn

Take Charge of Your Networking Today!

The networking of your business should never be outsourced to an outside agency.

To gain lasting value from your business networking, you need to develop the skills in-house.

The range of networking responsibilities include public relations, relationship management, advertising, marketing, and departmental collaboration. Two of the most powerful campaigns you need to focus on are referral strategies and word-of-mouth advertising.

Here are 5 ways to start taking charge of your networking campaigns:

1. Expand Your Networking with Events

The key to getting the word out about your business is to get involved with events and organisations where you can develop stronger business relationships.

Make it a point to attend in at least two networking events every month. Once you attend these meetings, you have to make a commitment to follow up with anyone that you met at these seminars. Networking is vital for growing your customer base, and the biggest mistake you can make as far as networking is not following up after the meetings are over. This one area could have a huge positive effect on your business.

2. Build Relationships Consistently

In order to effectively grow your base, you need to reach out to those people that you met at least twice a week.

It might seem like a lot to make two calls each to every person you connected with, but in order to grow and maintain these relationships you have to be willing to put in the time. If you are too busy to stay in touch with these contacts, how can you possibly expect that relationship to grow?

Make time each week to make these personal calls, regardless how short they might be. These calls will help to grow the relationship and strengthen the bond in this business relationship.

3. Use Cards To Connect in a Personal Way

During the course of the year, you need to stay in touch with these contacts in other ways. If you were lucky enough to get their birthday, send out a card in the mail.

Send postcards to just say you are thinking about them. Mail greeting cards for the holidays, and don't just do like everyone else and hit the big holidays. Mix it up a little and really grab their attention by sending out a little card for Halloween, Labor Day, Anzac Day, and Christmas! If you have fallen out of contact with certain clients, try to reconnect by sending them postcards with an offer to reconnect in the near future.

4. Grow & Maintain Your Database

As the person in charge of networking, you need to guard your database of contacts like it was gold.

This database is your key to connecting with all these individuals.

Whether you have all the information in a binder, postcards, or an online program, it must be something you can access easily and that is well organized. If need to reach out to an individual quickly, these contacts need to be organized in a way that is optimised. A good database management software can explode your referral system. Here you can lists contacts that are connected to your contacts, to help you reach people higher up on the business ladder.

5. Learn the Power of Thank You

The power of the thank you cannot be understated.

If someone took the time to refer you to a client, they do assume you are grateful. That should not be taken for granted. You need to make an effort to thank them in a unique way.

Understand that this new customer could generate a significant amount of money for your business, the least you can do is find time to thank the referral with more than a simple email.

This person has feelings just like everyone else, and by taking the time to acknowledge what they did for you, you give them reason to want to do it again in the future. If they feel like their efforts made an impact and they were rewarded for it, they are more likely to help you more in the future.

The thank you is the simplest thing to do, but it will have the biggest overall impact long-term in your marketing efforts. 

These simple networking tips are not too difficult to implement. If you set aside a small amount of time each week you can easily pull off the job as head networker in your company.


At Roundhouse, we understand that every successful business is built upon successful relationships. We work closely with every client on a 'one to one' basis and strive to serve their needs and exceed expectations. Our goal is to build proactive relationships for the long term. To learn more about how to use networking to grow your business, please get in touch.

We are here to help.

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Great Ways To Get More Business From Your Network

by Saul Edmonds

Top Tips for Getting More Referrals from Your Business Network

        In sales, a referral is the key to the door of resistance.

        Bo Bennett

Get Connected To Grow Your Business

If you are searching for potential partners or new clients, referrals are the best possible way to generate new leads and get connected with professional people.

If you (and your business) are introduced to a prospect via a respected and trusted member of your personal network  - the outcome will always be more favourable than if you had simply contacted that prospect via a cold call.

  • These types of introductions are known as referrals.

  • They produce significantly better quality leads.

Here are the top tips for increasing the quality and quantity of those referrals you receive from your networking.

Displaying Value

The introduction should have value for all three parties involved. The person referring you, yourself, and the person you were referred to.

Both you and the business contact will add value to each other, whereas the referrer gains respect and builds more goodwill between the parties.

There has to be a benefit for all parties involved for the process to work effectively.

One of the ways to increase these high value introductions is to make those people involved with the introductions feel more confident about those introductions. If you do not deliver on your promises, you make the referrer look bad, and this could spill over into future referrals. If you are exceeding the expectations of the people that you are introduced to, this puts that person in a better light and makes them more likely to refer you in the future. This helps to improve their reputation, something they would certainly welcome. 

Being Helpful

If you can find unique ways to add some value to your network without expecting things back in return, you can increase the overall moral of the group.

When you are doing things for others in your group without expecting a return, it can become contagious. These people will naturally want to pay back the favour in their own way, and that could be by providing you more referrals than ever before.

As you help other people in the network, the group grows stronger, allowing everyone to enjoy the possibility of increased referrals down the road.

By sharing your advice, skills, or services, you encourage others to find ways to build up the strength of the group as a whole. When more people in the group are enjoying a higher referral rate, the group as a whole simply grows.

Asking For Help

You can't get something that you really want unless you find the way to ask for it.

If you simply ask for a referral, you would be surprised by how many people are willing to come forth and help you. People are not mind readers, and no one really knows how well your business is doing unless they work for you in some capacity.

By asking for help, you allow others to see that you might be struggling and could use the assistance. If you tell them that you are looking to meet new potential clients, and be specific with the instructions, you could increase your referrals tremendously. Make sure that you are clear about the types of introductions you are looking for. If you can zero in on specific companies that you would like to target, those with right connections will be in the best position to help.

Meeting New People

Try to cast a net as far as you can so that you are no more that two connections away from meeting those contacts you dream about.

By putting in the effort and time to build a strong network, you can surround yourself with those who have the power to make things happen. Attending networking events and seminars, then asking for introductions, and reaching out when the time is right, all things that will strengthen the group as a whole.

The bigger you can make your network, the more chances you have at getting high quality referrals.

Maintaining Relationships

Always make certain to stay on the radar of your contacts.

  • Sending them relevant advice, information, and introductions, will help to keep you fresh on their mind.

Use social media to interact with all your contacts, and focus on communicating at least once a month if you want to increase your overall referral rate. This way your name is always fresh on everyone's mind.


At Roundhouse, we have learnt through personal experience that networking is a reliable and rewarding way to grow your business. Networking is a great way to build meaningful connections with other businesses, prospects and your industry peers. If you would like to learn more about how to use the power of personal networking to grow your business, please call us for an informal chat.

We are here to help.

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How to Increase Your Business Revenue Without Actually Selling

by Saul Edmonds

Smart Ways to Increase Business Revenues Without Selling

                 So long as new ideas are created, sales will continue to reach new highs.
                 Dorothea Brande

Why Building Customer Loyalty Should Be Your First Priority

One of the biggest mistakes that many business owners make is - believing that after they have successfully converted a visitor to a loyal customer, the marketing efforts end.

This should never be the case.

Your competition is aggressively looking to take away any and all of your business as quickly as they can. Marketing effectively to your customers should be a series of strategic actions that build the trust of the customer while motivating them to buy again. Stopping your marketing efforts is placing a limitation on future sales opportunities. 

Get to Know Your Sales Funnel

Just about every business owner has seen a sales funnel image at one point or another.

The sales funnel is basically a visual representation that shows many leads coming in towards the bigger opening of the funnel, where only a small amount of loyal customers emerge through the opening at the bottom. 

The problem for you as a business owner is understanding where those customers go after they have fallen out of your sales funnel.

To address this, the average business owner will add customers into an e-mail list where people receive an occasional newsletter or sales flyer. This is not the only way to continue the relationship with a customer who is already familiar with you and your services. The hard work is already done, you have them as a customer, now you need to invest in proactive marketing efforts to get them to act more frequently.

Discover An Inverted Sales Funnel

The best way to increase revenues without actually doing any selling is by creating an inverted sales funnel.

An inverted sales funnel has the tiny opening at top and the big opening at the bottom.

This particular type of funnel will focus on turning your existing customers into branding evangelists. If you can master this technique, you can generate much more revenue than you could ever do with a traditional sales funnel.

The reason why the inverted funnel is so effective is because you are now offering increased value to a customer who has bought from you before.

Provide Service To Your Customers For The Long Term

Put strategies into place to provide ongoing service to your customers to win their loyalty for the long term.

Firstly, use your website to it's full advantage. Ensure that the content on your website is of the highest quality, and is updated regularly. A company blog is ideal for this. 

Your audience needs to see that there is significant value in your blog posts, to keep them engaged and help them to grow their own businesses. Your information should help your customers to solve a problem that they currently have, and if you do it correctly, they will use your website like a revolving door. 

You can give your customers even more value by sharing additional content or information. Some cost effective ideas here include:

1. Give away an e-book that solves a problem. This offer could go a long way in helping to solidify your relationship with your customers. It also helps to position you as a leader in your industry.

2. Free webinars are an effective tool for communicating information to your clients. Your customers will also appreciate being able to put a face to your business. A webinar allows them to interact with you via the Q&A forum.

3. Social media has literally transformed the way business owners market their businesses. Take this to the next level by communicating directly with your existing clients. Follow your customers on social media and add likes and shares to their content. In return, they will probably like and follow you. The door to ongoing communication is opened.

Find Ways To Communicate More

You want your customers to feel that their business is valuable to your company. 

The key here is to build a special type of relationship with your current clients, that revolves around trust. Your clients need to believe and trust in the long term quality of your services and products. 

Aim to build your sales funnel for the long term and achieve the success you deserve.


At Roundhouse, we work to understand you, your business, your customer and your goals. We partner with our clients for the long term and develop integrated strategies for business growth that are measurable and affordable. Our goal is to help you succeed.

We are here to help.

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How to Boost App Sales This Christmas

by Saul Edmonds

Key Tips to Boosting Your App Sales With Christmas Marketing

As we give presents at Christmas, we need to recognize that sharing our time and ourselves is such an important part of giving.
Gordon B. Hinckley

Sharing is Caring

In the last two years, over 17 million Android and iOS devices were activated.

This Christmas you can bet that millions of happy children will be opening their brand new smartphones, and what happens soon after those gifts are open? If history is any indication, Christmas last year saw those kids download in excess of 328 million apps.

This year could set new records in app downloads.

Here are some unique tips to boost your apps sales this holiday season.

  • Start focusing more on your marketing and promotions.

If you have been creating advertisements in recent weeks, scale up that production by ten fold. In order to get the most interaction, your apps need to be noticed. These ads will draw in plenty of new visitors who want to download you app to their phone.

One way to grab the attention of a new audience is to update the app with a unique holiday theme.

A new version will grab the search engine attention, and possibly spotlight your app on a popular purchase page. Even if you add a few holiday backgrounds or creating animated snow falling images, update the description of the app. Create new screenshots so the visitors will understand this is a newer app and has recently undergone changes.

  • Create a free offer or a special one of a kind limited deal.

Try discounting the price of the app during certain days leading up to and past the holiday.

Christmas week will be the time in which the most downloads occur, so be sure to offer your best possible price during that week.

If you want to really skyrocket downloads, give away the app for free for a special day. All those free downloads will help to create a buzz around your app. This raises it in the search results and will help to spread the word of mouth more easily. A free app is more likely to be shared and then downloaded again.

The popular 12 days of Christmas song is a great theme to base your discounts and promotions around. Run this promotion on all your social media platforms, and each of the 12 days of Christmas you can promote a different sale. On the day that your app is free, gift your audience a certain amount that they can easily redeem on that app for songs, other apps, or movies. You can see the "Send Gift" button on the bottom of the page in the iTunes store. Simply choose the correct gift amount and then enter the email address of each person you want to offer this special to. If you want to give stuff away in the hopes of drawing more attention, this is the way to do it.

  • Use the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

The name of the game when it comes to your app is generating word of mouth.

In order to do that effectively, you have to stand out from your millions of competitors in the app stores.

If you are running a free promo, consider giving your users something else that has some value. Free coins is something every user can take and use to buy other items online. They don't have to pay for the items, so they will appreciate your generous offer by sharing and promoting your offer to their social following.

  • Optimise Social Media Marketing

One of the things you must do this holiday season is promote your app correctly on as many social profiles as possible.

Customize your marketing plan to be more in tune with the holidays. Don't just focus on the design looking more festive, make certain that the messaging is also related to the holidays. If you can pitch that your app is the perfect gift for your children, friends, coworkers, or friends, it sounds more like something the average user will want to pick up.

Utilise a few of these tips to boost app sales and you will see your downloads increase faster that you might imagine.

Once word of mouth begins to spread, your app is on the way to becoming on of the must haves this holiday season.


At Roundhouse, we finetune our strategies to mer the needs of your brand and your audience. Why not gain valuable traction with tailoring your marketing to take advantage of the Christmas season? Our talented team of experts works closely with you to create precisely what you need.

We are here to help.

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The Art of B2B Lead Nurturing

by Saul Edmonds

How to Nurture B2B Leads

"In the world of B2B, your professional network is everything. Because your business is about business, the potential of who you know and who they know is where powerful connections happen." - Amber Naslund.

Every growing business faces the daily challenge of acquiring new leads - and converting those leads into sales. Maximising leads conversion equates to maximising opportunity - and will result in business growth and increased profitability. Every company should aim to establish consistent lead nurturing practices that work to convert leads into loyal clients. 

Here is how lead nurturing can increase your B2B efforts. 

Develop Trust First 

Lead nurturing is all about establishing trust and creating genuine relationships with clients - even when they are not currently looking to purchase your product or services. The reason that your company must begin to focus on lead nurturing is because the majority of leads are simply not ready to buy. While these may be legitimate and qualified leads, many people are at completely different stages in the buying cycle. Trying to push a product on a client who is simply not ready to purchase will only hinder your efforts. 

Educate Your Audience

A compelling lead nurturing program enables you to develop meaningful client relationships with no pressure to buy. Instead build trust, offer free advice and provide genuine assistance. Use your company blog, social media and online networking to expand your reach.  Your goal is to ensure that your clients feel comfortable today - so when they are ready to make a purchase, your company comes to mind first. 

A professional lead nurturing program will help your organisation get information to those clients who are simply looking to become better informed. By responding to online inquiries in a timely manner with information and not a sales pitch, you position your company to be there when the client has decided ‘now’ is the time to buy.

Connect Via Email

One of the most effective ways to nurture business leads is to use emails. 

Emails deliver that relevant information in a timely manner to clients, and are the ideal vehicle in which you can communicate quickly when the client has a question or concern. 

Consider An Email Marketing Schedule

Establishing a regular email marketing campaign speeds up that process by delivering relevant information consistently to your customers and prospects. 

When it comes to B2B lead nurturing, aim to build strong relationships between your staff and clients. Every customer appreciates friendly service and advice delivered for its own sake. In the long term, clients will be motivated to do business with your company.

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ B2B lead nurturing solution for every company, it is important to see what works with your sales team and then expand on areas in which you see immediate success.

Make lead nurturing more efficient with email marketing.

Is Email Working for Your Business?

Roundhouse has been delivering bespoke email marketing design and management services since 2001. Our tailored email campaigns deliver immediate results and are a proven way to boost customer engagement and foster leads. Our talented team of design experts work closely with you to create precisely what you need.

Get started now. Contact us here.

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7 Top Reasons Why Infographics Work

by Saul Edmonds

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.

Ansel Adams

Infographic Design

Infographics are a powerful tool that builds communication and promotes information sharing.

Infographics are increasing used by businesses to share data in a format that is easily read and shared.

Infographics make complex information readily accessible. 

Every business can benefit from incorporating infographics into their marketing and content schedule - as customers and audiences strive to learn more about the facts, figures and data trends of the companies they support and the world at large.

Consider infographics as a useful tool to help build your 'brand story' online.


Why do infographics work so effectively?

It is said that there are three styles of information processing: by auditory, visual and sensorial means.

Many people are primarily 'visual learners', in fact - our brains process images faster than words.

It is estimated that we retain only 10% of textual content we read - while images make a stronger impression.

Text and images, data and statistics - combine readily to create a visually compelling story.

A well designed infographic combines these elements in an easy to digest format. 

Take advantage of the power of visual communication and convey your message with a custom designed infographic.

Read on for our 7 top reasons why infograpics have become such a useful tool online.

1. Infographics are user friendly.

Utilise the power of 'visual communication' to facilitate understanding.

Data is most potent when presented in a visual format. A quality infographic combines visual elements, text and data - to capture the attention of your audience and simultaneously educate and inform. The best infographics and memorable, attractive and incorporate company brand style guides. 

2. Infographics are shareable.

Share your message via a custom designed infographic. 

A key reason for the increased popularity of infographics is ease of sharing. A quality infographic will be instantly shared via social channels such as Facebook and twitter. Social sharing is great for increasing website traffic and improving search engine rankings. Include infographics strategically within your seo and content promotion campaign.

3. Infographics are easy to read.

Infographics provide 'in-depth information' in an easy to read format.

A simple approach is often best, particularly when presenting complex data. Detailed concepts are able to be presented clearly and thus promote analysis and understanding. Infographic design is conceptually driven by the data it presents.

4. Infographics enhance communication.

Infographics are self explanatory.

An attractive and interesting infographic promotes immediate response. No specialised knowledge is required. Every subject is suitable for illustration via infographics and data visualisation. Infographics are ideal for sharing serious or complex information with your customers and prospects. 

5. Infographics are highly targeted.

Use infogrphics to engage your audience world wide.

Create an infographic that resonates meaningfully with your target audience. Help people remember more about your company and services. Extend your reach with visualised information. Introduce facts and figures in a clear illustrative way that is anything but boring!

Every infographic should be custom tailored to your readers. All industries and businesses can benefit from a clear and simple message presented with style.

6. Infographics are memorable.

A well designed infographic is eye catching and will be remembered.

Effective visual content attracts attention. Engage your audience 'visually' to promote your message. 

7. Infographics promote brands.

A quality infographic has enormous viral potential. Embed your brand strategically throughout your infographics and increase your brand profile via twitter, Facebook, pinterest and more. Choose colour combination and typography that is 'on brand'. Keep your message clear. Target your niche market.

Use infographics to position your brand online as a market leader.

Utilise the power of infographics in your next campaign!

Discover the many benefits to creative marketing with infographics. 

Roundhouse offers professional infographic design and promotion services. We can assist with infographics and innovative branding strategies. With over 20 years design, brand and printing experience - trust Roundhouse to deliver a quality infographic, custom designed to meet your needs.

Saulke (1).png

Need Infographics?

Talk to Roundhouse. We can help.



See examples of our infographic work here.

Roundhouse is a full service creative agency.

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4 Reasons to Choose a Brand Agency

by Saul Edmonds
4 Reasons to Choose a Brand Agency.png

Why you should choose a brand agency for growing business

“A business based on brand is, very simply, a business primed for success.”
(David F. D’Alessandro)

What is a brand agency?

A brand agency offers specialist communication and design services. This includes brand strategy, brand design and brand implementation across all media. The 'brand message' is then broadcast via promotional channels and marketing collaterals.

The broad goal of a brand agency is to understand the culture of a company, discover points of difference with competitors and communicate genuine value to target audiences.

A strong brand makes connections with people and resonates for a lifetime.

Brand Agency Services

A dedicated brand agency offers a complete range of brand and design services. Ideally, all services will be provided 'in house' to ensure consistency of approach. Brands are built from concept to completion with custom designed 'strategic solutions' that adhere to a realistic budget.

Brand agency services consist of integrated digital marketing, online and offline strategies that boost engagement and extend market reach. This includes:

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Creative Consultation

  • Branding

  • Advertising & Media

  • Web Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Content Creation

  • Digital Stratgey

  • Social Media

  • SEO & Online Marketing

  • Mobile Services

Brand Agency Values

Value sensitive brand design.

Values are systematically applied through the branding process. Central to this is a sensitivity to the needs of stakeholders (both individual and groups), a commitment to tools and technologies that enhance objectives, and the pursuit of continuous progress above perfection.

Brand Agency Results

Effective branding creates long term financial results.

A brand agency seeks the following broad outcomes for every client:

  • Establish competitive advantage

  • Grow market share

  • Strengthen customer relationships

  • Provide holistic brand experiences

  • Generate impact with small budgets

  • Streamline process to achieve measurable results

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Brand Agency

1. Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing highlights a brand in a crowded marketplace.

The goal of strategic marketing is to win prospects by emphasis of the 'point of difference' to competitors. This is achieved by communicating company strengths to customers to build product / service recognition and brand value. Brand agencies aim is to provide consistently better 'value' in the competitive landscape. The 3 key questions they address are how, when and where should a brand engage its audience.

2. Creative Communication

Creative communication increases the effectiveness of advertising, marketing and brand management.

A brand agency offers creative communication services to generate value - for brands and people. They provide professional 'creative thinking' . A creative and thoughtful approach to communication enhances advertising, marketing and overall brand success.

3. Custom Designed for your Audience

Custom designed brand services 'connect the dots' between ideas and people.

A brand agency seeks to build relationships that resonate - between a brand and its customers. Branding is ultimately about creating sustainable relationships and community. Customer relationships are at the core of every brand outreach.

4. Higher ROI

A brand agency will maximise the return on investment with a highly targeted strategic campaign. 

A streamlined focus costs less and delivers more. Clients have increased confidence that advertising, marketing and brand management will deliver results. Outcomes are consistently monitored to ensure goals are met.

Can you extend the reach of your brand?

Every business must find their target market. Increasingly, people are searching for products, information and services online. 

Brands must adapt to the online space while maintaining offline strategies.

As a leading brand agency, Roundhouse specialises in helping businesses develop their brand both online and offline.

We serve clients across a broad range of industries including: retail, wholesale, construction, creative industries, legal, medical and more.

How can Roundhouse's Brand Agency Services help your business?

Brand marketing is the most effective strategy when promoting your business online and offline. Brand marketing ensures a consistency of approach across all channels - from web design to social media, printed collaterals and point of sale. Your brand - and all it represents - is at the core of the entire marketing campaign.

Roundhouse's team  works closely with each client from initial consultation to final implementation. We develop highly tailored solutions to meet your individual needs. We take the time to understand you and your business.

Not only does Roundhouse guarantee world class branding for your audience, we also in build Search Engine Optimisation strategies into our brand solutions with our unique 'Content Power' system. This will boost traffic online and increase your market share.

In business since 2001, Roundhouse has custom designed brand strategies for numerous companies throughout Australia.

Will you be next?

So what does Roundhouse's Brand Agency Services include?

  • Personal Consultation

  • Detailed Research / Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Creative Innovation

  • Professional Design

  • Implementation

  • Monitoring

  • FREE LIFETIME service and support

Saulke (1).png

As an industry leading Brand Agency, Roundhouse can help you extend your brand and connect with your audience.

Talk to Roundhouse. We can help.

Schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

See our portfolio here.


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5 Ideas for Creative Marketing with Booklets

by Saul Edmonds
5 Ideas for Creative Marketing with Booklets.png

Top Tips for Custom Printed Booklets

"The world is a book." (Saint Augustine)

The Printed Booklet Solution

Brochure advertising is a highly effective marketing strategy. They are ideal for communicating a concise and targeted message to your audience.

But what happens when the brochure format is not quite large enough?

A printed booklet may offer a solution.

Consider marketing with booklets when you need 'more than a brochure'.

What are the advantages of printed booklets?

  • While a brochure is economical, a booklet offers more space to showcase your brand and benefits.
  • Booklets often have a longer shelf life than brochures and are kept by customers for further reference.
  • Booklets are easy to distribute and can be folded to DL size for easy mailing.
  • Booklets are more substantial and can provide a higher quality 'look and feel' to attract new buyers.
Booklets are useful as a 'mini catalogue'. 

The benefits of marketing with booklets

If you need larger pages to highlight your products or services, why not include booklet printing within your next promotional campaign?

Booklet marketing is a proven advertising strategy that returns a positive ROI. A well designed booklet is always attractive to customers and prospects. It provides a practical format for the delivery of useful, branded information.

Creative marketing with booklets presents many opportunities to offer more value. Provide booklets in return for contact information. Place booklets prominently at your point of sale. Innovate creatively with booklets to leverage your brand above competitors.

5 Great Booklet Marketing Ideas

Image Booklet

Use high quality images to promote your products and brand. Create a concise 'coffee table' booklet - with impressive design and pictures that offer immediate visual appeal. Provide photographic information about your industry, products, process and customers. Create impact with full colour images and bold design.

Technical Booklet

Customers and prospects always appreciate detailed information. People are keen to know more about the technical side of your business. Use a booklet to explain jargon, behind the scene details, elements, outcomes and more. Booklets are a practical format for an instruction manual. 

Community Booklet

Every business should aim to include community service within its outreach program. Community or charity involvement is a great way to give back, provide service, make new acquaintances and raise your brand profile. Why not publish a booklet about your 'not for profit' work? Inform your target audience about your community project with information and pictures; make a call for donations and ask people to take positive action.

A community booklet showcases the benefits you provide beyond your business - and raises the profile of the charity, group or project with which you are involved. Feature the website and social links of your charity group throughout the brochure.

Handy Booklet

Create a branded booklet that is useful. Some ideas include: cookbook, a daily planner, a motivational guide, tips n tricks and more. Brand each page thoughtfully. Include coupons or other offers.

Kids Booklet

Everyone who has kids knows that keeping them busy is a full time job. Why not design a branded booklet for the kids of your target audience? Include fun facts related to your business, colouring, games and more. Make it fun. Include lots of colourful images. Offer value to kids and make a lasting impression with your target audience.

Utilise Booklet Printing in Your Next Campaign

Discover the many benefits to creative marketing with booklets. 

Roundhouse offers professional booklet design and printing services. We are well placed to assist with booklet and branding strategies. With over 20 years design, brand and printing experience - we can deliver a quality booklet targeted to your brand and business.

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Lead Nurturing - 5 Steps to Develop Stronger Leads

by Saul Edmonds

Improve Your Conversion with Lead Nurturing

"Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing." (Tom Peters)

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is sales process which is focussed on supporting 'qualified leads' in the early stages of the sales process.

These are prospects who are highly likely to buy - but not just yet. Studies indicate that these prospects will generally proceed to conversion over the next 24 months - either with your business or that of a close competitor. Lead nurturing seeks to build trust and brand preference - so your business is the chosen supplier when a purchase decision is finally made.

The Art of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is both an art and a discipline. 

Lead nurturing is never about 'new leads'. It is about engaging existing leads with kind assistance and timely information. A 'sale' should be viewed as a journey. Be sensitive to the needs and concerns of your prospects. Work to serve them better. Build your brand reputation upon the genuine desire to help others succeed.

Educating Qualified Leads

In many ways, lead nurturing is an educational process.

During the buying process, work to help clients learn more about your products or services and the solutions they provide. It is an opportunity to share and advise. Make use of relevant content - with the intention to 'inform not sell'. This will greatly assist their purchase decision process. Include helpful, educational information throughout your communication outreach: in your printed collaterals and company blog. Offer free ebooks, infographics and online product or service demonstrations.   

An Overview of a Lead Nurturing Elements

Lead nurturing consists of 3 main goals: maintain communication (with permission), provide education and solutions and monitoring of the future customer within the sales process. As you 'get to know' the individual customer - be receptive to signals. They may need 'space' for review, information to understand or indicate a readiness to actively engage and purchase. 

5 Steps to a Stronger Lead Nurturing Program

1. Know Your Target Audience

Every business must seek to find and understand their target market. Understanding your 'qualified' buyer is the surest path to marketing success. Continually refine your customer profiles. Review your losses - why did certain prospects not convert?

2. Reflect closely upon your Customers

What has motivated your present customers to conversion to your business?

What elements of marketing have been the most effective?

Take the time to consider 'why' customers have trusted you with business. A clearer understanding of what has worked best will help fine tune your lead nurturing campaign.

3. Troubleshoot your Conversion Process

What is your ideal customer experience? Define your lead nurturing strategy to support your buying process. Customise your lead conversion strategy to address potential roadblocks to buying. 

4. Design your Strategy

Start with an end goal - implement a lead nurturing process, make revisions and document it. Focus closely upon target audience and tailor your process to meet their needs. Integrate your communications to transmit a consistent message that is helpful and 'on brand'.

5. Maintain Communications

Take the time to develop a sensitive lead nurturing campaign. The more accurately you understand your buyers and detect potential 'barriers to conversion' - the more effectively you can address the needs of your prospects. Implemented effectively, lead nurturing is a mid term strategy that will enhance profitability and strengthen your brand.

Do you require assistance with lead nurturing?

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    by Saul Edmonds